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Blood In Bladder

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Yes. You can have bladder problems associated with lyme disease. It's called cystitis. Many people find relief from this after treating the lyme disease. I hope you find relief
Bladder Infections by Wise Woman Wisdom .. Healthy Living Professional   “If you let that fiery wise blood just sit there in your belly, great granddaughter.... “So I'll say it once more: circulate your wise blood, granddaughter. Spiral it around and up to your crown...
Painful urination typically makes me think of either a bladder/kidney infection or a sexually transmitted disease/infection.  Bloody urine is consistent with bladder/kidney infections...
.  Back pain +/- fever help differentiate kidney infections from simple bladder infections..., etc are typically not helpful when looking for kidney & bladder infections.  They're ordered during an evaluation...
Glad to hear you're ok.  MRSA isn't fun.   Anatomically speaking, your bladder shouldn't be connected to your gallbladder such that bladder/kidney stones are different from gallbladder stones...
of bladder cancer, possibly kidney.  You didn't mention your age, but I assume you're familiar enough with your body & yourself to be sure this blood isn't due to your menses.  I'd suggest that you go see...
ok i think you might be right i was just worried because of as much brown dishcharge i had its never happened to me before like that alothought i just got over a bladder and kinney infection. thank...
body and the thyroid gland it one of the glands that may take a hit. Increased bladder activity...
Bladder Cancer Symptoms & Indicators by Steve K. Patient Expert Men (and women) need to beware.  Bladder cancer does not give many symptoms before it's progressed to a serious state.  If you have absolutely NO pain or discomfort at all, but see a tiny drop of blood...
Serious Complications with Surgical Mesh Used in Bladder Suspension Surgery by Jill O. Patient ExpertHealth Impact Award and/or incontinence. There were also reports of bowel, bladder, and blood vessel perforation... with the tools used in transvaginal placement, especially bowel, bladder and blood vessel perforations. Inform...

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Symptoms ... nclude: painlessly passing blood in the urine, needing to urinate freq ... » Read on
Introduction ... When we digest food, waste products are left behind in our blood and are removed by either the liver or the kidneys. The mo ... » Read on