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Gisengrams California
An ingredient called Asia, Amorphophallus japonica, was a miracle as many potential arose sought.... More
smurfette31 California
My neck is killing me and i know i have swollin limpnodes around my neck and my throt hurts and... More
hillclark California
Hai, I am Hill Clark. I was born in California and I completed my graduation as MS from Oxford... More
fortune j. alaska, Alaska
i am a nice lady looking for a man.i am a nice lady looking for a man.i am a nice lady looking for... More
migillad jacksonville, Florida
 was  in the hospital for 3 days for blood clots in my leg and goin area. they put me on... More

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SUGAR SHOCK! Can Be Deadly: High Blood Sugar Triggers About 3.1 Million Deaths A Year, Researchers Find by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional dying just because their blood sugar levels soar too high. What pains me is that these deaths are, by and large, unnecessary! What it comes down to, points out WedMD Medical News, is that high blood sugar...
Live Blood Analysis by Richard Patient Expert , so decided to spend half of my appt with her analyzing my blood. Here is my post from my previous live blood... gotten pictures of my analysis this time, because I just realized now how different my blood looks...
Off The Grid by Jeanne C. Patient Expert Hi Gang, Just wanted to say I’m going AWOL for a few days. Charlie had some blood work come back with disturbing liver/ammonia numbers. I need to focus on him right now. I will put up my monthly Cinco De Linco...
A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. Gertrude Stein If Ms. Stein were a physician, she might proclaim that "a blood vessel is a blood vessel is a blood vessel is a blood vessel" regardless...
A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Part 2 by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven .  When you think about this, it makes sense because both the heart and the brain require adequate blood flow, which can be affected by age, gender, diabetes, tobacco use, blood pressure (and use of BP lowering medications...
See a doctor immediately - or yesterday!   I was just told I have a blood clot on my left thigh....  What should I do to get thw swollen down?. My God, Any time when blood comes out of a place, where it is not supposed...
Check with your health care provider on the cause of your low blood count, then consider iron....  That, of course, is another way to improve your blood count, but slower and not as effective....
to hospital, they examend me and my cervix was closed, took blood test and my hcg was 16.  So Im pregnant, have to go get more blood taking for doctor tomorrow.  But I went to get early results and the local hospital did a serum...
negative pregnancy test. What should I do? Hi there - Brown blood is old blood and in many women totally...
Good luck with the corneal cloudiness.  That will sometimes respond to treatment and clear up nicely.  Keep in touch with your veterinarian if you see any changes to the cornea that don't make sense. Helpful Buckeye   Th

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Introduction ... ts may damage importantstructuresbelow the skin, such as nerves,blood vessels, ortendons. Cuts ... » Read on
Symptoms ... a nerve has been cut), pulsatile bleeding, wherebloodspurts from the wound (if anarteryhas been severed), ... » Read on