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Hello! I am a 26 year old, fabulous, female professional that has been dedicated to healthy... More
Corie B. NY, New York
I'm 25 yrs old and live in Manhattan. I'm very athletic and I'm looking to get back in shape! Love... More
Babydoll Grimsby, UK
 I am 40 year old married woman; I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 29... More
LynnRoodbol Guelph, CA
I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in 1986 and colon cancer and skin cancer in... More
Fat Girl PhD California
My name's Katie, and I run Fat Girl, PhD, a blog that's not just about weight loss - it's... More

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JOBS Act Turns a Year Old–Big Companies are Figuring Out How to Model It to Make Money, Minimal Success So Far For Small B by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven ?  Goldman's new company won’t have to submit to an audit for five years and a lot can happen in that time... more jobs to the US economy . Exactly a year later, it's worth taking stock of how the JOBS Act is doing...
USA Blood products, collected from a donor who was at risk for vCJD, were distributed July-August 2010 by Terry S. Patient Expert in a 73 Year Old Blood Transfusion Recipient Wroe, S1; Pal, S1; Webb, T1; Alner, K2; Hewitt, P3; Brander...) identified ante-mortem in a 73 year-old recipient of blood products. This patient was transfused following...
Pregnant women admitted to hospital at high risk of blood clots by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Venous thromboembolismThe breaking away of a blood clot... suspended in a liquid. clotBlood that has coagulated, that is, has moved from a liquid to a solid state...
I'm a 53 year ole woman am still having a period.Ihave bloating,breast tenderness severly....  This can last as little as a few months or as long as a year or even two.  (I bled for a year and a half 2.5 weeks...
Hello Geri,   I would need some specific information about your situation before I could offer any suggestions? Perhaps you could explain more why you believe you have not been having any active sex life. What has changed
Anything that will keep her hands active will be useful as a substitute.  This is the time when creativity becomes your most valuable asset.  Try folding laundry, especially small items like wash cloths still warm from the dr
Be sure she does stretches to strengthen her hips and knees. Here are the ones I do. Her team should have access to a sports doctor who can check her out and suggest further treatment.  
What you are describing is most likely an enlarged lymph node. There are various things that can cause this. You need to make an appointment with a physician or surgeon who can obtain a complete history and physical exam from
Not sure what your question is, especially in this chronic pain community.  Bones are predominantly made of calcium so there should be no surprise that your ribs (which are bones) are calcified.  I'd be more concerned if they
no..acne isnt usually considered to be a pregnancy symptom

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Introduction ... Most of these symptoms will pass within two to five years, though symptoms of vaginal dryness are likely to get wors ... » Read on
Problems ... dney transplant, you may have to wait to conceive for up to two years after your operation. S ... » Read on