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Blood Blister On Gums

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Steve Parker, M.D. Scottsdale, Arizona
I work as a hospitalist in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area.  When not in the... More
Joyce California
Hi my name is Joyce  I am a open-minded,extroverted girl ,i am 22 old years I am a... More
Michelle C. Vancouver, CA
Im complicated
udaiadu hyd, IN
jeanne houma, Louisiana

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of gum problems. Xylitol will also help adjust your mouth health - look into a program that includes...
The first thing to suspect is your shoes. Blisters come from your shoe rubbing on your toe... long runs. Did you have any blisters during those training runs? If your shoes are new, did you test...
Thank you for responding. If they are blood blisters, that are on her chin, what could it mean? I'm thinking now that they are not blood "blisters", once I looked up what one looked like exactly...
Having seen three professionals with no diagnosis would make me feel nervous too.  Sounds like you're headed in the right direction to the Oral Surgeon and possible biopsy.  These lesions need close inspection for a definiti
Maybe your new shoes are too large and allow your foot to move around? Try thicker socks. Don't use abrasive socks. Run shorter distances (about a mile) while you're experimenting with the new shoes. Having the toe next to
Please have her see her dentist or her private health care provider, who know her best, and can help her.
Treat gum disease to lower blood sugar levels by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - The treatment of serious gum disease (periodontal disease) in diabetics with Type 2 diabetes may lower blood... necessarily make the association between the treatment of gum disease and the control of blood sugar levels. The study suggests...
Bleeding Gums Make Positive the Relatives is Safe from Bleeding Gums by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor Defining gums- Gums consist primarily of light pink flesh & bones, with the main purpose of covering jaw bones. It is also the gums which hold teeth in each respective socket. Now the query...
Sounds like your immune system is overloaded and your resistance is very low right now.  Enough rest, a good diet, and mental relaxation will probably allow your recovery.  Too Slow response?  Worsening symptoms- see your den
Bleeding Gums? Treat for Infection by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor One in 10 people suffers from periodontal diseases, characterized by bleeding in the gums... to decrease inflammation. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or you have lose teeth, ask...

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Complications ... hypotension (low blood pressure), gum disease (gingivitis), genital infection ... » Read on
What it is used for ... ns. For example, gingivitis (infection of the gums) and tooth abscess (infection in the root of a tooth). ... » Read on