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I'm retired teacher. I love children of course and pets/animals. I'd like to become more... More
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Today the media are constantly back and forth about whether we were black regular coffee is good... More
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I am a community advocate here (along with Homer) at Wellsphere :) Both of us are here to help... More
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A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. Gertrude Stein If Ms. Stein were a physician, she might proclaim that "a blood vessel is a blood vessel is a blood vessel is a blood vessel" regardless...
A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Is A Blood Vessel Part 2 by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven .  When you think about this, it makes sense because both the heart and the brain require adequate blood flow, which can be affected by age, gender, diabetes, tobacco use, blood pressure (and use of BP lowering medications...
See a doctor immediately - or yesterday!   I was just told I have a blood clot on my left thigh....  What should I do to get thw swollen down?. My God, Any time when blood comes out of a place, where it is not supposed...
Check with your health care provider on the cause of your low blood count, then consider iron....  That, of course, is another way to improve your blood count, but slower and not as effective....
to hospital, they examend me and my cervix was closed, took blood test and my hcg was 16.  So Im pregnant, have to go get more blood taking for doctor tomorrow.  But I went to get early results and the local hospital did a serum...
negative pregnancy test. What should I do? Hi there - Brown blood is old blood and in many women totally...
Good luck with the corneal cloudiness.  That will sometimes respond to treatment and clear up nicely.  Keep in touch with your veterinarian if you see any changes to the cornea that don't make sense. Helpful Buckeye   Th
Goldilocks Medicine: Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven to briefly glance over two studies demonstrating bad things happening from dropping blood pressure & blood sugars too low.  Of course, we don't want high blood pressure which is hypertension, nor do we want high...
Blood clots, blood clots :( by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven It took the ER nurses, technicians, and doctor 7 hours to check me out. The conclusion was that I had several blood clots in my legs. The CAT scan didn't show any clots in my lungs, but the ER doctor felt...
Science Researchers Create Cells That Line Blood Vessels from iPSCs–May Lead to Patients Needing Less Blood Thinning Medic by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven .  We all know about blood thinners, been around for years and how touchy it is to control... that could eliminate the use of some blood thinners for those using dialysis or treatments for lung failure.  Anytime...

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Exercises to build your body by a professional acrobat.
Combining spiral and spherical gestures with the...

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Introduction ... ts may damage importantstructuresbelow the skin, such as nerves,blood vessels, ortendons. Cuts ... » Read on
Symptoms ... a nerve has been cut), pulsatile bleeding, wherebloodspurts from the wound (if anarteryhas been severed), ... » Read on