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How to manage complete heart block during pregnancy ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor For the lay public   the term complete heart block (CHB) often convey a sinister message...  . . .the anxiety to the Obstetrician ! Congenital complete heart block is the usual etiology...
Trick of the trade: Single digital block by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor : A single, subcutaneous, volar-approach digital block The traditional ring block involves two injections... to the literature on a non-traditional approach to the digital block - the single subcutaneous method...
New Long-Acting Local Anesthetic Derived From Algae Effectively Blocks Pain In Surgical Patients by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy have operations requiring local anesthesia each year. Current local anesthetics act for less than 8 hours... recovery and can result in prolonged hospitalization. Neosaxitoxin (neoSTX) provides local anesthesia...
Maxillary Nerve Block by Dr. Josh A. was still really feeling a lot of pain. Obviously there really should not have been any error in anesthesia technique... nerve block. I had never really tried one before, but I thought this might be an indictation...
Veterinary dentistry, nerve blocks, complications...and late posts by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine . Here’s the process for each tooth: Inject a nerve block for local pain relief (very useful even though the patient is under general anesthesia), make an incision over the gums, flap the tissue back, apply the high...
Pain in the Ass: CT-Guided Pudendal Nerve Block by Quinn Patient Expert On Wednesday I had a CT-guided pudendal nerve block.  I hadn't anticipated... to have some misgivings. My mom was kind enough to go with me for the block.  I had to get completely undressed...
Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine . Veterinarians can use nerve blocks so that the level of general anesthesia needed is actually very light, even... I recently saw an ad posted on a billboard for a local feed supply company: Anesthesia Free...
Comment on Tube Blocked: Dorinda and Blocked Tubes by Blocked Tubes – Fix with Tubal Reanastomosis - The Pregnancy Health by Dr. Gary Berger Medical DoctorFacebook [...] your blocked tubes fixed by Dr. Gary Berger, for less than half the cost of just one cycle of IVF. Visit [...] You can learn more at or by calling (919) 968-4656
How will you differentiate a wenkebach’s Mobitz type 1 AV block from type 2 second degree AV block if the conduction ratio is 2: by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor It is the classical description of wenkebach AV block type 1 there is progressive prolongation of PR interval followed by a blocked p wave and hence a dropped qrs complex. The usual conduction ratio...
Why left anterior fascicular block (LAFB) is more common than left posterior fascicular(LPFB) block ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor . . . What you do not see may be more important than what we see. The anterior  fascicular block (LAFB) is one...  blocks (Part of Lev & Lenegre’s disease) Aortic valve disease . Hypertensive heart disease Post MI...

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Introduction ... The most common regional anesthetics (also known as regional 'blocks') are spinal and epidural anesthetics. These can be used ... » Read on
How it works ... An epidural anesthetic blocks sensation (feeling) in the lower half of the body. When t ... » Read on