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Simple Swollen Calf or Deep Vein Thrombosis? by John !. Patient Expert My right calf has been swollen and a little sore for the last few days. It started last Sunday.... Then on Memorial Day I noticed the pain had moved from my knee to my calf. It sort of felt like a mini-cramp. Not...
Say Goodbye to the GI Distress Blues! by RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional Nausea, bloating, diarrhea, Oh my! I need a port-o-potty or I'm gonna die! Ever been on a long run... more potassium as most sports drinks, which helps keep my calf cramps at bay. You'd think coconut water...
I can't comment on the cause of the bloating you experience. There are many factors... the bloating probably won't ease your anxiety, it is possible that treating the anxiety will influence...
complain of occasional bloating and also tightness. These tend to get better over time. If you constantly look and feel bloated this far out from your surgery and you now "look 6 months pregnant", I'm a little...
A bit odd to post this on the basketball section of the site but I'll take a run at it anyway. When the cruciate ligaments go they often make a pop like a champagne cork. So if the sound is the ONLY barometer for assessment
, try walking for a month or until your calf strains are healed. Then mix in small amounts of running. Don't increase your running more often than once a week. Use calf strains as an indicator that you're doing...
Cut your runs in half and see if the pain goes away. If not, cut it in half again, and so on. Then increase you distance in small increments (not more than 10%) and give your body a lot of time to get used to each new distanc
with a running partner. The calf is a tough muscle to stretch using static stretching.  My calf gets tight...
Thank you Allen!  I've tried not running for the past few days, and I've been biking without any pain. I'm not going to run again until I don't feel any pain in this thing.  I hope it heels fast. Thanks again I hope you gave
the bloating could be just simply water retention.   When did this unprotected sex happen as far as the time frame of your cycle?

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Diagnosis ... evelop an outward curve of the spine, known as a scoliosis. The calf, and other leg muscles, may look overly large, or very well ... » Read on
Treatment ... . If you have gas and bloating, consider increasing your intake of oats , for example, ... » Read on