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Bloated Feet

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).  IBS typically consists of abdominal pain/cramping, bloated feeling, gas, diarrhea or constipation, and mucus in stool.  I'm not familiar with itching palms & feet plus skin turning red as being typical IBS...
A Lesson from my Feet by Rebecca Patient Expert what I have been looking at all day. My feet up on a stool and my TV. A rare occurrence that feels lovely. Last night... mentally and difficult physically when you factor in feeling bloated and exhausted. But whilst...
Problem Solved. by Ellie Patient Expert "I can't breathe, my right foot is swollen, my sugar is high, and my neck feels weird." The patient announced as we entered her door. For these reasons she called 911 and got an emergency ambulance. I went down the
Ask the FBGs: On-My-Feet Weight-Loss by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert . Your body is prone to water retention and bloat when you’re on your feet for that long—your weight... where I stand on my feet for about 6 and a half hours a day. My feet are killing me after work, and I barely...
Reward #1 – Pretty Feet! by Bella C Patient Expert out there, here’s a quick picture of my pretty toes: I’ve also noticed lately that my feet are so much less... some of the veins and bones in my feet.  I haven’t had skinny feet for about 15 years, but it’s nice to know they’re...
Tim Told Me So by Debby Patient Expert I ran a nail through my foot. It didn't hurt initially. But now, my foot is swollen, and aching like crazy, and I had to leave early to soak it, because my shoe started to get very tight, and my foot began to throb. I had
Recovery by Greg H. Patient Expert Four days removed from finishing the San Diego 100, I'm feeling pretty good. My feet are swollen a bit, and they hurt somewhat. My legs feel fine However, I still am experiencing waves of fatigue...
Answers Finally by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert Yesterday Ashley saw a vascular surgeon, and we finally have answers about why her leg and foot are swollen! If you remember this journey, it all began last October. After many blood tests, a cat scan, and two ultra
Feet, Feet, Feet! by Amy H. Patient Expert to try to find relief from the pain in his feet.  And even though it has been his journey, my respect for feet... as a runner that when my feet hurt - everything hurts.  But it was only after seeing the extreme side of foot...
Taking a rest from running is good. When you return to running, do half the distance at a comfortable pace. Follow the 10% rule in increasing distance or speed. Follow heavy/light schedule of runs to give your body at least 4

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