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yes you have a chance at a normal pregnancy as long as you continue to care for yourself and your doctors stay on top of things.    
The thing with blighted ovums is simply this: it is chromosomal thing.  It happens in many women but if it is happening repeatedly then I'd suggest getting recurrant loss testing to see what exactly is wrong
I had a partial hydatidaform mole after two IVF failures and was absolutely devastated. It took me 5 years, 2 IVF attemps to have a natural (somewhat) miscarriage. Shockingly within 6 weeks I fell pregnant again and then had
pregnancies as oppose to the first one. Since a blighted ovum happenes due to chromosomal abnormalities... my body hold the pregnancy, however, now i'm wondering if maybe taking that could be a bad idea...
I don't think that can be determined as it depends on when implantation occured and when in your cycle you began producing hCG. Also, on the charts the range for what is normal is so broad.  What matters with hCG numbers is
When is a pregnancy not a pregnancy ? by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor . However, like any other pregnancy, 10% of all IVF pregnancies are also destined to have medical problems. The commonest problem.... This means that even though the woman is pregnant, and the pregnancy tests are all positive, there is no baby...
Going Natural by MTHFR and Me Patient Expert I have made a decision. I am not going to have the D&C done. I have had 2 D&C's and a blighted ovum. The more D&C's you have the more scaring and damage to the uterus there is. I talked with my doctor...
I am so sorry that you are going through all of this but it is impossible to give the medical advice that you need in an e-mail. Please call and make an appointment with your OB or another specialist. You need to make sure
.  To make sure then GYN's will/should do a blood beta test for the numbers in order to detect a pregnancy (viable, etopic, molar, blighted ovum, etc). Do you track your cycles? Do you know when you ovulated? Average...
Link to GREAT info on prescription meds during pregnancy by Atlanta Mom .. Patient Expert in a non-viable blighted ovum. For each organ or organ system, there exists a critical period... Disorders During Pregnancy-General Although pregnancy has typically been considered a time of emotional...

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