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Sarah H. California
Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a wife, and a mom of 4 children. I enjoy being an at home mom, and I... More
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. If you are concerned still (as sometimes in early pregnancy there is minor bleeding) then go ahead and take an HPT... days to 7 days usually 5. I hadn't bleed that much and at that time i thought i was done one month...
You'd have to have had a pretty hard fall onto your bike seat to have vaginal bleeding....  And regardless of age, falling on one's bike seat has a low likelihood of causing vaginal bleeding...
just because i had my period 3 days later, can it be accumulating blood or did i indeed lose my hymen? The bleeding is from a thin piece of skin (the hymen) tearing, nothing falls out. But just as there are no absolutes...
How early do you start to show? yup based on the info you gave me so is that 100% not pregnant ? are supposed to bleed after taking the pill.  The purpose is to drastically increase...
it is possible if the penis left any semen (or pre-ejaculate) behind on you... its not common but it has happened.
if your cycles are regular and he has at least  small percentage of sperm that are viable I say you have a chance. 
done.  I am asking because if the number is good then its probably some pregnancy related bleeding. Do you know...
I am going to have a physical nov 24th. I have all the signs of a preggo. I am not stressed at all!. No real period since oct 5th, and I have a 28 day cycle...?. That doesn't seem right to me!. I have a large amount of fa
painsere and there but not sure keep falling sleep too hope im not pregnant have done a test today... well i had sex with my boyfriend and i was on my period the next day it stopped im i pregnant...

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Complications ... For many women, the first indication of miscarriage is vaginal bleeding, or discharge, sometimes accompanied by abdominal pain ... » Read on
Disadvantages ... abdomen ( tummy ) and some bleeding.  Contact your doctor immediately if you are in ... » Read on