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Voices Against Brain Cancer Discusses New Role For DNA In Preventing Brain Tumors by Len S. Patient Expert , discusses a potential new role for DNA in the prevention of brain tumors. According to an October 10, 2013 article published by Cancer Research UK titled “New Role for DNA Unraveler in Prevention Brain Tumor...
Brain Cancer Treatment Kills Tumors by 'Cooking' with Laser– Cleveland Clinic by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven below it certainly looks at though it has done something for the patient who had a brain tumor that grew back... to those who have had what has been considered inoperable surgery for their brain tumors.  BD  Ruth Perko is one of at least 97,000 Americans...
Cellphone Users May Be 50% More Likely To Get Brain Tumors by Matthew Z. Patient Expert to actual studies but, as a brain tumor survivor already, I, for one, welcome my new brain tumor overlord... percent more likely than non-users to get brain tumors. Another Interphone study
Brain tumor treatment and higher cancer risks again? Really?!!?! by Katherine B. Patient Expert making jokes from time to time that at least it wasn't a freakin' brain tumor. (I have a much easier... it seems that the standard treatment for a common brain tumor (glioblastomas in particular) increases the aggressiveness...
Report to nation finds continued declines in many cancer rates;special feature highlights changes in brain tumor rates and survi by changes in brain tumor rates and survival Rates of death in the United States from all cancers for men..., the authors explore the diversity of brain tumors and other nervous system cancers...
Brain Tumor Treatment And Higher Cancer Risks Again? by Matthew Z. Patient Expert and while that was crummy I remember making jokes from time to time that at least it wasn't a freakin' brain tumor... it seems that the standard treatment for a common brain tumor (glioblastomas in
research: Stanford researchers look at breast cancer’s brain fog aka chemo brain by Donna Peach Patient Expert Researchers at Stanford University conducted a study to observe differences in brain... and the Wisconsin card sorting test indicated deficits in the area of the brain controlling executive function...
Is There a Natural Brain Cancer Treatment? by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Getting a diagnosis of brain cancer can be quite traumatic... through the treatment without brain damage? Is there natural...  ...
Estimated US brain cancer cases in 2008 by Dr. Brian M. Medical DoctorHealth Maven The American Cancer Society recently put out a publication entitled Cancer Facts and Figures 2008 in which it is reported that there will be 21,810 new brain and other nervous system cancers in the United States in 2008...
Use of HDAC Inhibitors for the Prevention and Cure for Brain Metastases of Cancers by consequential of improved therapies has resulted in increased brain metastases. Few treatment options... treatment options for CNS metastases especially brain metastases originating outside the CNS...

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Introduction Tumors starting in the brain account for 1.6% of all primary cancers. However, it is mo ... » Read on
Causes Some brain tumors are congenital (present at birth) and are due to ab ... » Read on