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Bladder Bumps

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relaxing_results Danville, California
I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and member in excellent standing with the National Guild of... More
bump US
Carter was born on March 27, 2009. We were surprised to learn that he had a cleft lip/palate and... More
BrianS California
I was diagnosed with bladder cancer about 35 months ago. Multiple surgeries and no return. My... More
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I am 55 years of age. My husband recently passed away of massive heart failure on Feb 3rd. I have... More

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Got new glasses and Bladder Tossing by Strapples Patient Expert and We kept hitting bumps or taking a curb with us and I was like Camera Tossing meet Bladder Tossing as my bladder... any more bumps!” ...
TURBT Surgery #1 for Bladder Cancer - April, 2008 by Steve K. Patient Expert , and they were ahead, so we were bumped up to 12:30. By that time it was almost noon. I had brought tunes & headphones...
On The First Day Of Christmas, Santa Gave To Me, A Blind Pug Who Bumps Into Trees by Puglet .. Patient Expert to an opthamologist Monday.Two weeks ago he started bumping into objects like parking sign posts, at night, on walks... at all...just light, and he seems to be able to see large shapes. He has bumped into everything in the apartment...
about the bladder. She is 16 1/2 years old and has been spayed .  Vickie   Due to the difference in human posture versus that of the dog, erect and vertical vs. horizontal, your comparison of a "falling" urinary bladder...
Bumps on the eyelid are typically either chalazion or hordeolum (stye).  The former are painless while the latter are painful and can be either internal or external.  It's imperative that you go see your eye doctor ASAP...
Any unusual event following surgery should be shown to the surgeon for evaluation.  Please do not trivialize what may be a complication of the surgery, even if it is a few inches away from the surgery site.  Go, immediately,
Bladder Cancer, TURBT Perforated Bladder - FIGHTING THE SYSTEM - April, 2008 by Steve K. Patient Expert . And I still had a drainage tube installed because of the nicked/perforated bladder in TURBT surgery, which I was VERY eager...
Bladder pacemaker urgently needed for overactive bladder by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook electrical device that functions to maintain a normal heart rate. for the bladderThe organ that stores urine... for totalhealth: In an ‘overactive bladder’ the sacral nervesBundles of fibres that carry information...
Glad to hear you're ok.  MRSA isn't fun.   Anatomically speaking, your bladder shouldn't be connected to your gallbladder such that bladder/kidney stones are different from gallbladder stones...
Bladder incontinence is when you are not able to keep urine from leaking from your urethra.  There are a few forms of bladder incontinence, it can range from an occasional leakage of urine to the inability

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Diagnosis ... ntly insert a gloved finger into your anus to feel for lumps or bumps. The procedure is not painful, but it can make you feel as ... » Read on
Causes ... system (peritonitis). an infection of the bladder, urethra or kidneys (urinary tract infection), ... » Read on