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How hard is it to get pregnant with a bicornuate uterus? I was told that I have it. after having 1... you and your soon to be family. I as well have a complete bicornuate uterus. I have a 23 year old (breech) 17 year old (perfect...
so you might find things a bit "different" as your body readjusts itself.   Addressing the pain:  I still don't know... about all that stuff. Before I got on yaz I had regular periods, but never had any indication, like pain or...
Yes, prolapsed organs can be painful, especially tissues that aren't normally exposed to rough touch, eg clothing, and can bleed as a result.  However, you're the only one who can judge how much pain...
Please make an appointment with your Dr. or OB. They can order blood tests and do a complete physical to make sure that you do not have cancer. No matter what it is important to find out ASAP what your health issues are. Th
but now w/excrutiatingly painful cramps, too.  I agree that it's best to avoid surgery whenever possible... another (pelvic) ultrasound to evaluate the lining of your uterus.  It might have grown back, leading...
The uterus is located directly behind and slightly above the bladder in the pelvic reigon and the rectum is behind that...   so from that I would assume that intestines rest above the uterus 
Anytime pain is unrelenting, something's not right, regardless of whether you had a procedure or not.  You need to get evaluated by your family physician and/or gynecologist (or whoever performed...
your ovaries are not technically in the abdomen.  the uterus and ovaries are located directly behind the badder (which is in the pelvic area rather than the in the abnominal)
Menstrual Pain and Heaviness by Tina C. Naturopathic DoctorHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine about it again. Menstrual pain and heaviness are not necessary! There are so many misconceptions about a woman`s menstrual... who have had their uterus removed because of heavy bleeding. So much can be done! This symptoms CAN be treated...
Help for Uterine Fibroids by Elizabeth Leis Patient Expert Women with painful uterine fibroids were once told they had a single recourse—a hysterectomy... of symptoms. Uterine fibroids, which grow within and around the uterus, are the most common, non-cancerous...

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Why it is necessary ... if the infection spreads it can damage the fallopian tubes and uterus and lead to chronic (life-long) episodes of pain. ... » Read on
Symptoms ... d below. One-sided abdominal pain You may expereince pain on ... » Read on