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Accelerated Cure Project Waltham, Massachusetts
The Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis is a national nonprofit organization dedicated... More
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Skinny fiber is composed of natural fibers blended from vegetables, roots, seeds, fruits and... More
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What’s Up With Your Gut? – Beneficial Bacteria and Good Digestive Health by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional with friends? Far too few, I’d imagine. While beneficial bacteria reside throughout our bodies, gut... for the rest of their lives. Exposure to bacteria is another growing concern for parents. Too little bacteria...
C-Section Babies May Not Have Same Beneficial Bacteria by Denise Reynolds RD LDN Patient Expert A new study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds that babies born via cesarean section (C-section) have different bacteria on their skin, noses and mouths...
Breastfeeding Benefits: Human Breast Milk Ingredient Adjusts to Optimize for Beneficial Gut Bacteria Over Time by Baby Mum-Mum .. Patient Expert The many wondrous health benefits breastfeeding provides for both mum and baby are well known.  Knowing all the health benefits it is a wonder someone hasn’t tried to bottle it up, yet an exact formulation cannot be done bec
Brain, Gut and Behavior: Bacteria Matter by Chuck Medical Doctor there is beneficial bacteria and pathogenic or harmful bacteria. The ratio of beneficial to harmful bacteria... is still in your body, it is benign when it is in the presence of the 85% beneficial bacteria. The real problem...
Red meat, gut bacteria and heart disease by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor . Healthful, fiber-rich plant foods provide an energy source (“prebiotics”) for beneficial bacteria... by which red meat may increase cardiovascular risk – by modulating the species of bacteria that populate...
Probiotic Bacteria to the Rescue by Andrea Fabry Patient Expert the benefits of Efficient Microorganisms, or EMs. EMs offer a combination of beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and soil bacteria. (Pictured here in my kitchen.) Water and dairy kefir offer a combination of beneficial...
Does Colloidal Silver Kill Both Good Bacteria as Well as Bad in the Human Body? by Niell A. Patient ExpertFacebook , beneficial) bacteria that thrive there. Colloidal silver simply has no way of knowing a beneficial microbe... that it does not kill the beneficial microorganisms that colonize the human intestinal tract and provide...
Probiotics: Nature’s “Friendly” Bacteria by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven some “beneficialbacteria to your immune system defense this winter. Yes, despite what you’d think from the huge.... In addition to inhabiting your intestinal tract, beneficial bacteria also live in your ears and gum tissue...
Probiotics and Prebiotics. Why are they beneficial? by Parker Health Solutions .. Healthy Living Professional of beneficial bacteria in andeven on most areas of the body, when we refer to “probiotics” is typically... materials and even toxins.   Prebiotics are food for probiotics.  While beneficial bacteria can and do feed...
Probiotics Not Beneficial To The Healthy by Nick B. Patient Expert that there was insignificant evidence to show drinking one a day was beneficial. In addition he commented that the idea of giving the gut “good bacteria” was based on “a lot of shaky understanding”. The idea of drinking/eating...

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Causes ... thout washing their hands properly, and if bacteria is transferred to food by flies feeding on infected sto ... » Read on
Treatment ... . This is because PID often involves several different types of bacteria. Without running tests, it can be hard for doctors to p ... » Read on