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RunnerGirl .. Farmington Hills, Michigan
jamiDLcruz California
Personal trainer. Runner. iPod addict. Crafty lady. Entrepreneur. Health nut whose weakness is... More
Terrence Taps !. Atlanta, Georgia
Terrence "Taps" began studying the art of tap dancing at the age of nineteen at Norma's... More
RobinLK Florida
Robin is a type 2 diabetic runner who made her way from couch potato to runner... More
I'm Kate - founder of and I blog at! Our mission is to... More

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How many times per week do you do the 30 minutes? Hopefully at least three. Have patience. Your body is adjusting to the stress of running, and it takes time, but the time will come when you can run for 30 minutes without wa
Shin splints are one of the most common injuries. Another name for shin splints is too much, too soon. Cut your running back to 1 minute. Be sure you don't overstride. Your foot should hit the ground when your foot is under y
Advice from an Expert Beginner (Runner) by Amy H. Patient Expert Yep, that's right.  An expert beginner runner.    It's this time of year that I feel... to do and how to go about it.    Here are a few of my "expert" beginner runner rules.  Now, just to set expectations appropriately low...
The Unsung Hero: The Beginner Runner by RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional . Whether it be growing a family, getting an education, building a career, starting a business, or becoming a runner. Once... to get there. The beginning running group that I'm leading at RunnerDude's Fitness has really reminded me of all that it takes...
3 Overweight Beginner Runner Tips by John !. Patient Expert This is a guest post by David Dack. Starting a running program with the right training strategies is key to staying injury-free and achieving long-term consistencythis is especially true if you’re an overweight person. In
. This is important for all runners but especially so for beginners. By a good base, I mean lots and lots of LSD. Not doing speed...Geoff has given us some excellent points, especially for experienced runners who want to maximize...
). Sometimes, beginners get discouraged by pace. So, one way of getting started is to do a run/walk combo -- running...
Top 10 questions asked by beginning runners by John M. Found this great article for beginning runners.. Question: How long should my first runs...: How often should I run? Answer: For beginners, I recommend three or four days a week. I also recommend alternating...
Diary of a Beginner.... by Marathon Mommies !. Patient Expert . I am not an advanced runner - nor am I even a mediocre runner - I am a true beginner...novice to the 10th... good. Can any of you more 'advanced' runners share with us some of your 'beginner' stories...
Runners World Complete Book of Running Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss Fitness and Competition by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Book of Running. Whether you are a beginner or veteran runner, here is advice—both timeless and cutting... Runners World Complete Book of Running Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss Fitness...

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