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Raw Spaghetti and Beet Balls; Juicing Questions Answered! by Gena Patient Expert ! Before I tell you all about the fantastic raw “beet ball” recipe I recently made from recycled juice pulp and almond pulp, I wanted to pause... come up with some incredible cookie recipes, too! These raw, vegan “beet” balls use flax and almond pulp as a base...
Raw Beet and Vegetable Stuffed Nori Rolls by Gena Patient Expert prepare these with shredded and processed beets and carrots, rather than juice pulp..., you’ll need juice pulp, preferably with some beets and carrots, or you’ll want about a cup and a half...
Raw Beet Pancakes by Gena Patient Expert made and immediately liked some raw beet “pancakes.” Immediately, you guys were asking for the recipe... to be—even less dense than my carrot falafel —but more substantial than, say, juice pulp crackers...
Sweet Potato and Beet Nori Rolls by Gena Patient Expert in the library: a seasonally orange sweet potato hummus and beet nori roll. As you all know..., hummus, jicama or parsnip rice, and even leftover juice pulp. I also always add veggies: this is a great...
More about juice, with some stuff about beets thrown in by Heather .. Patient Expert and beets.  I have yet to taste beets prepared in any way that doesn't taste like dirt.  That includes the time I gagged down a beet salad in Haiti. I normally love Haitian food...
Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies: Another Creative Use for Almond Milk Pulp! by Gena Patient Expert . As you may have gathered from my incessant re-purposing of vegetable juice pulp in crackers and breads , or my recent use of cashew pulp in raw beet balls , I’m a big fan of reusing and recycling the byproducts of my recipes...
Just Beet It, Beet It, Beet It, Beet It by Kennedy P. Healthy Living Professional Inspiration to create items for your enjoyment comes at me from many different things. Last night I was seeking some inspiration from which to glean some idea of which vegetable would be the Vegetable of the Week . While
HOW COME THE MARINATED BEETS ARE SOFTER THAN THE FERMENTED BEETS? by PrettySmartOne .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I’m wondering why the marinated beets are not so hard as the fermented ones are.  I am thinking about marinating more beets than I need for dinner next time, and then putting the extra in a jar to pickle, to see...
Beet This - as in Beet Juice is God for You by Anthony Cirillo Patient ExpertHealth Maven Researchers at Wake Forest University's Translational Science Center have found that beet juice can improve blood flow to the brain in older adults. When high-nitrate foods are consumed, bacteria...
Beets and Beet Greens by Lynn Patient Expert Beets seem like the funniest little vegetables.  In our culture, we don’t really consume... called The World’s Healthiest Foods : Beets belong to the chenopod family which has some unique health...

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Introduction ... atment or endodontics is used to save the tooth when the dental pulp (blood vessels and nerve in the center of the tooth) dies a ... » Read on
Definition ... specializes in treating the soft inner tissue of the teeth (the pulp) is called an endodontist. Root canal sur ... » Read on