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Daniel Munday Sydney, AU
Fat Loss Expert based in Sydney Australia.  I help time poor people get back in their... More
Low Carb Confidential !. !, New Jersey
In September of 2003, I was working with a very good friend who just happened to be the owner of... More
Ron Birkenhead, England, UK
Hi, I'm Ron, and I'm an ME/CFS survivor (so far anyway), 24 years and counting. I am, at the... More
Tiff US
I'm an active foodie, wife, and self-proclaimed health nut. I enjoy travel, good beer, and playing... More
greenwoolhat California
Hello! I'm Sharon. A friend from long ago told me to be well. Today, I'm a wellness coach who is... More

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A Beer Drinker’s Primal Story by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional . I also have always been a beer lover and 20 years ago I started home brewing beer. Beer, after all, is low-fat, so no worries. I drink one or two beers a day during the week and twice that on weekends (if I am good...
Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Beer, Beer And More Beer by Tyler W. Patient Expert green beer (except in Ireland) and getting drunk celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve put together some manly beer links for Building Camelot readers in hopes that you have a safe and not-too-drunk St...
My doctor told me that relying on Tums would cause gastrin because of all the extra calcium. And that I'd need to keep popping them.  He told me to use Gingera instead and if I couldn't find that then I should use Brioschi. 
When is Heartburn Just Heartburn? by DigestBetter .. ANNOUNCER: Heartburn is one of the most common, minor medical complaints, affecting as many as 60 million Americans. STREET INTERVIEW #1: Chances are I'm probably going to get a little heartburn...
Fill Your Fake Beer Belly with Beer by Billy @ BeerBellyBlog Patient Expert Someone invented a beer belly pouch to fill with your favorite beverage.  I didn't... gut that you can fill up with beer (or whatever you like to drink) and hide under your clothes.  It's...
VeganMoFo Day Twenty-Six: Beer! That is, Vegan Beer! by Melissa Bastian Patient ExpertFacebook Beer: we love it. I don't remember not drinking beer - my parents were of the "let her have a sip... a moment in the life of every young vegan when a slightly terrifying discovery is made: not all beer...
Top 5 Beers to Toast International Beer Day by Pink Lemonade .. Patient Expert Calling all beer devotees! Thursday, August 2, is not only International IPA Day, but Sunday, August 5, is International Beer Day.  The global celebration of hops and yeast at their finest...
Low Carb Beer vs. Lite Beer by Billy @ BeerBellyBlog Patient Expert I’m not much of an Atkins guy and I don’t really prefer low carb beers but I remember tasting one back when they were popular. I think the popularity of the low carb beer along with other low...
8 beers/day to 0 beers/day. After one week by Kim K. Patient Expert "Sexual energy up. -one week. "Hot flashes finally gone. I can sleep through the night again I'm off Diet Pepsi" - two weeks. "No more gas and bloating No more diarrhea Depression gone." -two weeks. "Energy fo
Anti-aging beer with resveratrol - BioBeer - from genetically engineered yeast by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - College students often spend their free time thinking about beer, but a group of Rice University students are taking it to the next level. They’re using genetic engineering to create beer...

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Treatment ... ases, ferrous sulphate may upset your stomach causing sickness, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea. This supplement can also ... » Read on
Causes ... l intestine removed. Common symptoms are diarrhea, cramping and heartburn. Some people become malnourished because their remaini ... » Read on