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Hazel B. Sheldon, Illinois
 Hi  My name is Hazel , I have a few problems but not bad ,I have slight  miltral... More
Alan Mechanicsville, Maryland
dianez Berwyn, Illinois
Theravive Seattle, Washington is a network of professional therapists throughout the United States and Canada who... More
Vonna California
I love the outdoor, healthy eating, exercise, yoga, gardening....lots of sun!

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Can premature beats (Ectopic beats) occur in SA node ? Yes, it can . It’s called sinus premature systole. by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Ectopic beats or premature depolarisations are the commonest  cardiac arrhythmia encountered . Human heart , is a  non stop  electro mechanical organ ,  and it is not surprising   ectopic beats...
Beating Heart’ Technology Could Revolutionize Field Of Heart Transplantation by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy The heart transplantation team at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is currently leading... hearts to continue functioning in a near-physiologic state outside the body during transport. The Organ...
ONC/Million Hearts/American Heart Association Beat Down Blood Pressure Video Challenge by Juno Medical Doctor attacks and strokes in five years, and the American Heart Association announce announce the Beat Down... killer.” High blood pressure damages the brain, heart, eyes, and kidneys while causing no symptoms...
that makes your heart "beat". There can be many different causes of fast heartbeat, but most of them are not.... In order to prescribe medicine that helps your heartbeat, the doctor must first determine why it is beating...
I understand that you believe your symptoms are more than just anxiety, but they are in fact textbook indicators of an anxiety disorder, mkrisz1. The escalation in severity suggests it is getting worse. Are you being treat
and become more difficult to treat. Ian Ian, my heart was just checked out & everything was good. All the symptoms...
It might be anxiety, tjs11394. But it might be any number of things. Only a medical examination, perhaps with lab tests, will be able to determine this. Best wishes Ian
Tomato pill 'beats heart disease' by Plantarian Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook BBC NEWS | Health | Tomato pill beats heart disease Why would you want to eat more fruit and vegetables a day when you can just take a pill? Because there's not £££ millions of pounds...
Study: New Super Chocolate Beats Heart Disease by Colette Bouchez Healthy Living Professional A new study is the first to show that even those at high risk for heart disease can benefit... reveals that natural compounds found in some types of cocoa can not only help reduce your risk of heart...

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Symptoms ... pins and needles, irregular heart beat (palpitations), muscle aches, ... » Read on
Treatment ... nabis if you are taking TCAs because it can cause your heart to beat rapidly. MAOIs (mo ... » Read on