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I am married to my high school sweetheart and love of my life, Steve.  We have two kiddos,... More
The Philippine Tourette Syndrome Association is the first and only non- profit organization about... More
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Palliative Care and the "Battered Patient Syndrome" by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy of what they want - they suffer what has been called the battered patient syndrome."  ( Sydney Morning Herald , 2003) Another provider, more recently describes what he also calls – shockingly – "battered patient syndrome" - Once...
Remaining Empathetic When Your ADHD Spouse is “Stuck” by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert For a non-ADHD partner, it is SO frustrating to watch your spouse struggle without result.  You want her to do well.  You can see HOW she might improve things.  If you were doing...
ADHD and Marriage: Why Won't My Spouse Try Harder? by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert Frustrated non-ADHD spouses will often say to me something such as "It's so obvious that my partner should do X.  I don't understand why he/she won't!"  While a solution to the problem at hand...
Time Warp - Time Differences between ADHD and Non-ADHD Spouses by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert I just read a terrific article about how to better understand your ADHD or non-ADHD partner's sense of time - since it is most likely different from yours!  Yours, Mine and Hours can be read at this link and is well worth t
When Both Spouses Have ADHD by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert What’s it like when both partners have ADHD in a relationship?  Is it different from when only one has ADHD?  Are there other resources we need to know about?  Are there different challenges?  These are questions I get regu
What We Love Part 2 - The Generosity of Our ADHD Spouses by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert One of the things I love about my own spouse is his empathy, generosity and warmth..., many of ADHD spouses I work with have very generous spirits.  Sometimes they act on that generosity in a way...
Eight Mini Love Letters to Non-ADHD Spouses by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert Want to read some love letters?  I like to be even handed, so I asked the ADHD spouses in my last couples course to tell me what they love about their non-ADHD spouse.  Here is what some said:
Part 3 - I Love My ADHD Spouse's Sense of Humor by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert When you have ADHD in your relationship it’s a great thing to be able to LAUGH!  And exactly that’s what a number of non-ADHD spouses say they love about their ADHD partner.  Here are some examples:
Part 4 - ADHD Spouses and Their Diligence by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert to try, yet again, are traits that some non-ADHD spouses say they love about their ADHD partners: ...
ADHD Spouses: Step By Step Conflict Resolution by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert Once again, my husband and I are at odds over phones.  But how we’ve resolved it this time is illustrative of one good way to get past having legitimately conflicting objectives. The phone issue remains outstanding (for now

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Diagnosis ... nt may have an emotionally distant relationship with his or her spouse, who often fails to visit the child in hospital. ... » Read on
Introduction Carpal tunnel syndrome is numbness, tingling and pain in the thumb and fingers ... » Read on