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Upper GI Series (Barium Meal) by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert that control swallowing are working properly. As the barium moves into the small intestine, the radiologist... an organ is working. During the procedure, you will drink barium, a thick, white, milkshake-like liquid...
Swallow Study by Bethany B. Patient Expert Today Payton had a barium swallow study done to see if she is aspirating food/fluids. Thankfully, she is not aspirating!
Barium with a hint of applesauce... by Shay2181 Patient Expert Today I had my swallow test. Rachel my therapist was really nice. I Really enjoyed working... with barium while they whated it go down through my mouth & throat on an x-ray machine. Ok, how cool...
Tough to Swallow by Kate K. Patient Expert of the esophagus) and voice and swallowing problems. On August 3, I had the Barium Swallow. This test involves... from another illness or surgery are more at risk. On August 17, I had the Modified Barium Swallow (MBS). It’s...
Upper GI by Kathleen Patient Expert This was the mist extensive upper GI I have had and got the most interesting results. It's not that I reflux but that I don't have the correct mobility in my esophagus. Band looks good, though.
Swallowing Disorders by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert is the painless barium swallow, a special video X-ray study that shows the entire swallowing process and anatomy... There are numerous types of swallowing disorders, however, many of the symptoms are similar...
Videoflouroscopic Swallow Study by Susan Patient Expert because her upper airway was virtually swollen shut. Even with an ineffective swallow the food and liquid couldn't... her the different foods that were mixed with barium (the substance that makes the food show up on the x-ray...
Irritated by Kathleen Patient Expert So now I am irritated. I thought I had made an appointment for lapband maintenance including a barium swallow and apparently I didn't. I have to wait until 2:00 pm to get the swallow...
Fill by Kathleen Patient Expert keeping much down and when they did a barium swallow, my esophagus was not working. It has been hell.  I can’t remember being so hungry in my life. Went into day, did another barium swallow
Upper GI and pouch check today!!! by lcampbe79 Patient Expert This morning I went in for my test and they were running about 20 minutes behind so no big deal when I told the nurse that I didn't do an enema. I've never had one and OMG is it painful when you have a J-pouch. I didn't h

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Diagnosis ... take 7-10 days to come back. Barium swallow A barium swallow ... » Read on
Introduction ... can be taken by mouth in a procedure known as a barium meal or barium swallow. » Read on