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Racquetball/Squash Tips - Rules by RacquetballTeam .. Call a 'hinder.' If your opponent blocks you from getting to the ball, call a 'hinder' and the point is played again (or lost if the player failed to move). Coin toss. Before the game, toss a coin. The winner of the coin
It’s BADMINTON time, Baby! by Carla B. Patient Expert how, for us, badminton is PLAYout  perfection. Allow me to share why: There are rules, but we dont need... there exist hard & fast badminton rules but, really, who knows them offhand? We just hit the birdie back...
Rules rules and more rules by Gertrude Patient Expert So Paramedic SuperMonkey has posted his rules (or things his patients should know)and invited... my writers block in the teeth! Rule NUMERO UNO! All life threatening emergencies come first. I don't care...
GOODBYE DEAFREAD:Rules are Rules-Bookmark Me by Jodi Cutler Del Dottore Patient ExpertHealth Maven It is with great pride and nostalgia that I must bid a fond farewell to I have recently been invited to collaborate with Cochlear, Italy to create a blog written in Italian (God help me) focusing on parent sup
FDA Rule Regarding Medical Device Data Systems Takes Effect–MMDS (Medical Device Data Systems) Rule For Class 1 Devices by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Under the rule IT companies now need to register healthcare hardware devices that transmit data and this can be a small blood pressure device or a larger imaging devices.  The Class 1 rule is for devices that don’t...
Is This Just our Family Rule or an Everywhere Rule? by Meryl Patient Expert Ok, be honest, how many of you have at one time or another adapted the rules of a game... she plays and that is not the rules. So, both girls look at their respective mothers and I say...
Rule 27 (or rule 2) by derrick m. Healthy Living Professional Ahnu Shoes – Definitely Rule 27. (Rule 2 in the Gaelic New Moon Version) The best customer service is the customer service you never need which by the way sums up rule 27 (Or Rule 2 in the Gaelic...
Rules? What Rules? by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert Ashley loves basketball but hates rules. Last night, we attended the opening of a new basketball complex, one which includes a league for wheelchair basketball. Now Ronnie’s team will be able...
Nope, nope, absolutely not. Rules are rules. by Matthew Z. Patient Expert for graduation. A few. As a result, she will not be graduating with her friends and fellow seniors. Rules are rules, after all. Leanna's mother Lupe Ramirez said she asked the school to allow her daughter...
Rules is rules you Ninny! by Maddy M. Patient Expert of painkillers. My son watches me. “You forgotted?” “I did? What did I forget?” “Dah rule.” “Which rule... the rule, the rule that I made up, repeat often and then ignore myself. I grab him quickly to cut...

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