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Grace Monmouth Jct,, New Jersey
I am 40 something professional with a diagnosis of asthma, obstructive airway disease since May... More
NoahZ California
My name is Noah, and thank you for going to my page. I am a medium-skilled writer. I enjoy writing... More
Christine Knoxville, Tennessee
I am a stay at home mom to a 4 year old little pickle and am currently pregnant with our second... More
erinadams California
I am a rather healthy person, and very active. I love the outdoors, and would, and usually am,... More
Hazel B. Sheldon, Illinois
 Hi  My name is Hazel , I have a few problems but not bad ,I have slight  miltral... More

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There are many reasons for developing sores inside one's mouth, both viral & bacterial.  However, if you recently suffered from a bad cold, typically viral in nature, it's possible that you may now be suffering from cold...
. That's pretty much a bad thing. Tegretol is the oldest anti-seizure medication used to treat bipolar... you against getting pregnant and also check your blood levels every two weeks to make sure they are in the therapeutic...
I have an appt with ob-gyn next that too long to wait?   should also mention that I'm not crampy anymore...just while I was spotting Yes, you could be pregnant. Of most concern...
As a woman gets older her cycles begin to change. Stress, illness, and medications can delay ovulation- which lengthens the cycle (making it seem as though you are "late" but in all actuality things are moving as it should)
Check out Hypothyroid and see if you might have the other symptoms of it. Nerve compression/damage such as carpal tunnel syndrome could explain your loss of sensation & pain.  So could peripheral arterial disease.  Possibilit
. I didn't even know I was pregnant until 2 weeks ago. Somehow I went from taking 1.5 mgs per day.... I am also afraid that going cold turkey would hurt my baby. It's important to do what's best for BOTH mama...
Dear Mark: Bad Sleep Tips, Cold Extremities, and Sweet Feed by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional always a choice. Next, I discuss some potential causes of, and strategies for, chronically cold extremities. Luckily for the reader, strategies for fixing cold extremities can be as enjoyable as eating more food...
Why the Flu is Not Just a Bad Cold by InternalMed .. ANNOUNCER: When you or your child is sick, it's important to know the difference between a common cold and the flu. Steven Lamm, Internist: The common cold is a relatively benign illness...
Still Really Sick With Laryngitis & a Bad Cold by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional I'm still really, really sick with laryngitis and a really bad cold. While my voice might sound sexy -- which is what several people (men and women) have told me -- it would be really nice...
Are Overeating and Staying Overweight Bad Habits You Can Quit Cold Turkey? by Doctor of Philosophy by Maria' s Last Diet You may think that a bad eating habit like overeating or eating foods that make you fat is harder to give up than most other bad habits because you can' t simply stop eating altogether...

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Treatment ... nclude: nausea, fatigue (extreme tiredness), cold hands and feet, and trouble sleeping with, or without, ... » Read on
Risks ... ready-washed salads, and cold, prepared meats. Pasteuri ... » Read on