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My name is Courtney Howard, and I live in Frisco, Texas with my husband Rob and our two kids.... More
jan63 callahan, Florida
BeckyConley Sanford, Maine
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Hi! My name is Bill Carter and I am a runner. I started running back in 2003 and weighed in at... More

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Is Back Pain all In Your Head or Does Back Pain Mess Up Your Head? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty San Francisco Chiropractor Comments on recent findings from chronic back pain study: It is very frustrating for many patients with chronic back pain, for often times there appears to be no physical cause...
Thank you! I would definitely see your doctor.  A fever is often a sign of infection.  The various syptoms you have will help your doctor determine what is causing the problems or what the infection may be. You could have som
Man Has Camera Implanted in His Head to Capture Images As Seen From the Back of His Head by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven .  He has a sponsor for this experiment. He literally does have eyes in the back of his head.  He is a New York... Now this makes one ask, how important are memories?  Do you need a camera in the back...
Joan, sounds like tightness, maybe muscle spasms of the suboccipital muscle. Tightness in these muscles can cause pain in the back of the head and also headaches. If this has been going...
. I also just started taking celexa for my anxiety and thought the new Meds may have something to do with my head sensations.    Thanks for the response!  I have strange head symptoms as well, where is it located? Mine...
Back, back, back in the USA by Riva G. Patient Expert It's a slow re-entry here in San Francisco from Tokyo before heading home to New York. I would have liked to add a post while in Tokyo, but I was just too busy. Having lived in Tokyo for six years...
A many number of things can cause, or trigger a headache or Migraine. If the pain is unilateral (one sided) and worsens with movement, it could be a Migriane. Migraine is a neurological disorder. You would need to consult you
in the arm.  Also, muscles in the back of the neck can be irritated putting pressure on other nerves as well; for example your occipital muscles that attach from the back of the skull to the 1st two vertebrae. ...
If you are asking whether you should get something checked, then you should. You won't regret it. As for what this might be anything from muscle spasm to something strange. See a doctor. It could be any number of things from
vertebrae.  Problems here can give pain that feels like it’s the back of the head because that’s basically... like this you can get head pain in the form of headaches or just muscle pain where certain muscles attach to the skull or 1st...

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