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tdonohue Charlottesville, Virginia
Tom Donohue, thirty-three-year-old, son, brother and uncle of three, is the founder director of... More
krishnakommur California
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. Associate Member of the... More
Carol Scibelli Merrick, New York
My life changed forever on April 13, 2006 when Jimmy, my high school sweetheart, my husband of... More
chuaaaron singapore, SG
bamboo blinds baby cot

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If you ate the sushi in a restaurant, your symptoms are probably from something else.  If you have a high fever, you should definitely see a physician.  Meanwhile force liquids (water, juice) to avoid
Vaccinating Baby: One Mom’s Struggle with Deciding What’s Right For her Baby by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Does every mom struggle as much as I do with signing up to have the doctor stick their baby with a needle full of potentially harmful ingredients that makes baby scream with teary eyes that say...
Bowl fever | Gardening fever by Andrea Z. Patient Expert Lightly-cooked baby kale, cannelini beans, tomatoes, carrots over rice pasta... on by our neighborhood high school in which local potters as well as the high school's pottery classes, donated hand...
Natural solutions for fevers, aches, and pains by Kiwi Patient Expert for advice. Here, his suggestions: FeverFever is the body’s way of dealing with infection.... However, there are plenty of safe, natural remedies that can ease a fever that becomes uncomfortable, Rosen says...
If your baby has fever and swelling in the cheek, you should visit your pediatrician. Good luck!
Billy Ray did have one where he was fuzzy after his shots but it didn't last more than a few hours.  I'm a Mom not a doctor.  The vacination controversy can get pretty heated.  When asked all that I can share is our experien
  I'm sorry but somehow your question got cut off. If your concern still exists, asks your doctor or holistic health practitioner. My personal experience is that a holistic non-MD practitioner will investigate the situation
Yeah, unfortunately.  Or at least we have to approach it like that.  Best to get evaluated by her family physician for various infections (tuberculosis) and cancers (lymphoma/leukemia).  Good luck!
Ella has a fever by Shawndra T. Patient Expert Ella has been with me all week because starting Monday night, she has had fevers..., I guess my typing is waking up her babies. She is so funny! She has been very challenging lately as well...
Sickness, fevers and nightmares...oh my! by Helene Patient Expert from his bout with pneumonia but yesterday he spiked a fever out of nowhere and he was cranky all evening... on. And cleaning up toys??? These babies are masters!! All I have to say is "clean up, clean up, time to clean...

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Treatment ... ed to stop using them at least three months before trying for a baby. If you find out that you are pregnant while you are taking ... » Read on
What it is used for ... s of age for other causes of fever or mild pain, as long as the baby weighs over 4kg and was not born before 37 weeks of pregnan ... » Read on