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Everlastinghealth California
Beverly Isla is currently studying at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. She is a... More
TomDAn California
My name is Tom and my wife Debbie and I have been married for nearly 33 years. ... More
sbelmont California
I'm 38 years old and have been experiencing symptoms for nearly 5 years. Last year I was told I... More
ajlesser California
People frequently tell me I am crazy for doing triathlons. I always respond that I was once a... More
Steve Levitt, MD Hillsborough, North Carolina
Hello, my name is Steve Levitt and welcome to my blog. I'm a psychiatrist with 30 years of... More

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VGKC autoantibodies mimicking CJD by Neurodoc .. Patient Expert Tan KM, Lennon VA, Klein CJ, Boeve BF, Pittock SJ. Clinical spectrum of voltage-gated potassium channel autoimmunity. Neurology 2008; 70: 1883-1890. VGKC antibodies have been described in a variety of patient types, and m
New Experimental Molecule Neutralizes Lupus Autoantibodies by Duane P. Patient Expert From our latest research e-newsletter Humans and animals with lupus produce autoantibodies... of blocking the actions of lupus-related autoantibodies to reduce the extent of such damage. Typically...
A Case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease with Alien Limb Syndrome and Elevated Thyroid Autoantibodies by Terry S. Patient Expert proteins for CJD diagnosis. A prion-specific test is needed. Supported by: John Douglas French Foundation... patients tested for 14-3-3, the sensitivity was only 49 percent overall - 47 percent...
Comment on: Maternal autoantibodies are associated with abnormal brain enlargement in a subgroup of children with autism spectru by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven -autoantibody group. Brain volumes were measured via MRI. Most children were tested during sleep. 10.... 10 of the ASD kids were born to mothers with the brain specific autoantibodies detected...
Genes and Autoantibodies to Diagnose and Treat Sjogren?s Syndrome by manifestations. To date, no specific diagnostic test has been developed for SS and, as a result, SS... chitinase family. In addition to genes, the researchers have also identified autoantibodies...
Detection of Autoantibodies for the Diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome by syndrome in a subject. In tests utilizing blood from human volunteers, this method demonstrated...: Diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome. A component of a panel of diagnostic tests for patients with autoimmune...
Moleculera: New Lab Testing to Help Immune Issues Including Autism by Kim S. Patient Expert , Moleculera Lab's website will be live , to start sharing information about testing for Pandas/Pans... and varicella viruses." How will testing help PANDAS/PANS/CANS and many childen also with an AUTISM diagnosis...
it could've been a chemical pregnancy or blighted ovum..both would produce hCG but not for very long.   There really isn't much I can offer as far as info goes- the best theory would come from your physian
BRCA 1 & 2 Gene Testing: What Does A Positive Test Mean And Should You Get Tested? by Dr. C Medical DoctorHealth Maven cancer should consider having a BRCA test. Those who are also of Ashkenazi Jewish descent... than the general population (1 in 40). It's also important to consider the implications of a positive test...
Testing Testing Testing by Susan Patient Expert ” in a few weeks. We’d like to do a test run so we can test the technology, the participants’ ability..., and are looking for a few people to help us test the technology. I’m going to try to make it as real as possible...

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