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Michele M. Campbell, California
HI. I work at Stanford part time teaching Group Exercise. I have been teaching at Stanford for... More
Chok Hang Y. Fremont, California
oliviaemily Los Angeles, California
I am a software engineer; my native place is Los Angeles, California. I have completed schooling... More
calvindoyle new york, New York
Hi friends, I am Calvin Doyle. I am doing my master degree in Health Sciences. I am a kind ... More
Mark J. Augusta, Georgia
51 y/o Living with chronic progressive MS Beautiful wife,two wonderful children,one in college... More

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Sully: Hang in there. Toby: Hang... by Susan Patient Expert Sully: Hang in there. Toby: Hang in there? That’s the sum of your wisdom on the subject... at everything will just paralyze us. Sometimes we need to “hang in there” when we are not sure what is coming up next. We need...
Hanging Knee Raise & Hanging Leg Raise by Logan F. Healthy Living Professional arm harnesses hanging from the chinning bar. If your grip is not strong enough to hold your bodyweight...
Where to find hang-gliding classes, locations by Nancy B. California has plenty of places to learn how to hang glide and beautiful places to practice... with an experienced glider. A good source for finding classes, organizations and locations for hang gliding...
Hang off the bed by C.L. R. . Slowly let the weight of your head drop over the side. Then part of your shoulders. hang...
You know what--- if you have the money-- a friend of mine (who had her baby about 9-10 months ago) recently had a wrap done at a spa... and she lost alot of inches all over (I think it ended up being 17in total) and mostly i
Yes, it is a mental health issue, mj, and such harassment could become a legal issue. I suggest you discuss this with your doctor. At the least seek anger management counseling. Best wishes Ian
I had the same problem with my dog two years ago.  She was over a year old, but her ailment was called "juvenile cellulitis" which tends to affect puppies around your dog's age.  It started with a cut to the muzzle and moved
Go hang gliding by Geoff Medical DoctorHealth Maven For those who have never considered trying hang gliding, here are some photos that give an idea of some of the exhiliration that is possible... hang gliding photos   I'm happy to chat with anyone who would like ot learn
The low hanging fruit in the garden of good and evil. by Dr. Jonathan Holt Doctor of OsteopathyHealth Maven   low hanging fruit I have been told that cancer genetics is the ‘low hanging fruit’ of personalized medicine.  I have my reservations about this analogy.  As you all know, I am a big proponent...
Yep, I’m just hanging out here c... by Dr. Kim .. Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven Yep, I’m just hanging out here chillin’ by the refrigerator bepaws I know that’s where my humans keep my food -not in some pantry or garage, WOOF! Well this article by Mom is all about the food...

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Introduction Cushing's syndrome is a group of changes in the body caused by an excess (over-production) of steroid hormones. Ste ... » Read on
Diagnosis Cushing's syndrome is a rare and serious disorder. Some people who may appear to have physical symptoms of CS, don't nec ... » Read on