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Yes I am ADHD,  I am also a recovering alcoholic, and a recovering sex addict. I have been... More
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Hi!  I'm disabled but staying positive constantly searching for ways to feel better and get... More
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Gorgeous! Women's Fitness Center 4850 W 190th Street Torrance, Ca... More
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Asperger's Syndrome - Article by Untreatable .. Patient Expert it was important to print the following article on the many symptoms of this Autism spectrum disorder. Asperger's Syndrome - Symptoms Although there are many possible symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, the main symptom is severe...
Signs & Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome by Be Well Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of Asperger Syndrome... about , go to the Asperger Syndrome WellPage or the Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome WellPage. ...
New Topic on Genetics Home Reference: Asperger Syndrome by isolation of children with Asperger syndrome. Signs and symptoms of Asperger syndrome may become apparent... 2011 What is Asperger syndrome? Asperger syndrome is a disorder on the autism spectrum...
Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome by Take Root and Write .. Patient Expert   Asperger's Syndrome is a form of autism where the person is often highly intelligent... children and adults may end up in work and school situations that are uncomfortable for them. Asperger's...
Asperger's, Autism, and the DSM: A New Autistic Spectrum without Asperger's Syndrome by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Is Asperger's a distinct autistic disorder that deserves its own place on the autistic spectrum... insurance companies.  The panel wants to get rid of Asperger's and Pervasive Developmental Disorder...
Yet another adult Asperger's memoir by Jonathan Mitchel Patient Expert 2000 (well in his 40s) that he has Asperger's syndrome. He is vague as to whether he was actually... with Asperger's, not diagnosed until very late in life has joined the August company of John Elder Robison, Liane...
Kids, Adults and Fun: With implications for Asperger's by Dr. Larry W. Doctor of Philosophy I speak to the kids about "fun."  How do adults and kids differ?  What do we need to do to engage our kids?  As an aside, how can we help people with Asperger's and related problems have fun as well? click on the MP3...
Autism and Asperger syndrome underdiagnosed in women, researchers say by Leslie M. Healthy Living Professional An excerpt “Girls are less likely to have language delay than boys with autism, so all the right boxes get ticked when they are toddlers and their autism can get missed,” said Richard Mills, research director of Research A
A Holistic View of Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, & ADHD by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Towards A More Holistic View of Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, & ADHD by Katja Swift Forget everything you think... Asperger’s and Autism are much misunderstood conditions, featuring brain and behavioral patterns...
Sensory processing characteristics of adults who have complex regional pain syndrome by Chris Alterio Occupational Therapist pain syndrome (CRPS) by using current models of sensory modulation disorder (SMD...) used for people who had SMD. My familiarity with both patient populations of adult orthopedics and pediatrics...

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Characteristics ... ual way of walking. Asperger syndrome Asperger syndrome is an ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... children. This is particularly evident in people with Asperger syndrome. As an adult, with the signs and typical characteristic ... » Read on