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I manage a blog/website called which is "The Natural, Organic Child Care... More
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Asperger's, Autism, and the DSM: A New Autistic Spectrum without Asperger's Syndrome by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy .  So, children who would have fit the Asperger's category would most likely be labeled with mild autism... Is Asperger's a distinct autistic disorder that deserves its own place on the autistic spectrum...
High functioning autism vs. Asperger's. Autism diagnostic issues (Part II) by Nestor L. Doctor of Philosophy about the differences between high functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome. As the authors described, there are many areas of overlap as well as differences between the original Asperger’s proposal and autism...
Polly Tommey of Autism File Speaks to the Autism/Asperger's DSM V Question by Kim S. Patient Expert we have a problem; maybe people with Asperger’s and autism should not be underthe same umbrella... The following is excerpted from Autism File Magazine with permission. A .pdf...
Autism in Russia: Pravda Misrepresents Asperger's as Autism by Harold L D. Patient Expert is busy misrepresenting Asperger's as Autism.  In Autism: Life full of struggle and success there is mention of Asperger's as "an" autism disorder.  There is also acknowledgement of some of the challenges...
Asperger's is the New Autism: No Intellectually Disabled Allowed in the DSM-5's New Autism Spectrum Disorder by Harold L D. Patient Expert for by general developmental delay in the DSM-5's Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Asperger's becomes the New Autism... intellectual disability as an autism concern.   It has already been busy presenting Asperger's to the public...
Autism? Should CNN Have Said Prime-time Television Tackles Aspergers not Autism? by Harold L D. Patient Expert eg. Boston Legal, or news Aspergers is the face of Autism while severely disabled, including intellectually... University student with Aspergers,  who does not view autism as a medical disability, and presumes to speak...
SFARI, Once Again, Continues Misrepresenting High Functioning Autism/Aspergers Only Research As "Autism" Research by Harold L D. Patient Expert employing only Aspergers subjects as representing "autism" for comparison with non autistic resting brains SFARI continues its agenda of misrepresenting high functioning autism/aspergers only studies...
Dr. Theo Theoharides and Autism Free Brain at the Possibilities & Potential Autism Asperger's Conference by Kim S. Patient Expert Meet Dr. Theo Theoharides and our friends from Autism Free Brain at the  2013 Regional “Possibilities and Potential” Autism/Asperger Conference, October 28-29 in Greensboro, NC...
Biological Evidence That Low Functioning Autism Is A Different Disorder Than High Functioning Autism and Aspergers by Harold L D. Patient Expert One of the current autism debates on the internet is over the distinction between low functioning and high functioning autism. Mere mention of the differences between lower functioning...
Fibromyalgia - Asperger/Autism Connection? by Adam P. Patient Expert Aryeh Abeles, MD and other contributing doctors have authored research recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study put forth the notion that Fibromyalgia sufferers have a lower pain threshold. Maybe i

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Introduction ... e term that is used to describe a group of disorders, including autism and Asperger syndrome. The word 'spectrum' is used becaus ... » Read on
Characteristics ... r the same person at different times in their life. That is why autism is usually referred to as a spectrum disorder. ... » Read on