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Robin H. California
After being hung, 5 surgeries, 4 suicide attempts finally diagnosed with Rheumetoid Arthritis,... More
Kristin Brooks Hope Center Washington, District of Columbia
Since the suicide of his wife Kristin in April 1998, KBHC Founder Reese Butler has been on a... More
thollett California
I am a 39yo married male who recently was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I have 4 children... More
Lee W. West Palm Beach, Florida
Lee A. Wilkinson, PhD, is an applied researcher and practitioner with a special interest... More
Lisnagree Chesham, UK
My eldest daughter has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome.  We are struggling with the... More

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On Suicidal Ideation by Susan .. Patient Expert Therese Bouchard of Beyond Blue had a gem earlier this month I must have missed.  It was on Suicidal Ideation. I think I am the Queen of Suicidal Ideation. Right now I have my ibook on my lap
Rerun:On Suicidal Ideation by Susan .. Patient Expert Therese Bouchard of  Beyond Blue  had a gem earlier this month I must have missed.  It was on  Suicidal Ideation. I think I am the Queen of Suicidal Ideation. Right now I have my ibook on my lap...
Clinic Notes: Terrorists Recruiting Asperger's Suicide Bombers? by Dr. Gary B. Doctor of Philosophy Apparently, terrorists using the internet helped a British citizen with Asperger's plant a bomb in a restaurant. The bomb went off prematurely injuring the man with Asperger's and causing a stampede...
Earlier bedtimes protect teenagers from depression, suicidal ideation by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor more likely to have suicidal ideation (OR=1.20) than adolescents with parental set bedtimes of 10 p.m. or...=0.35) and suicidal ideation (OR=0.71). Lead author James E. Gangwisch, PhD, assistant professor...
Many Medical Students Suffer from Burnout & Suicidal Ideation - How does Canada Fare? by Anita and Stephen .. Patient Expert and suicidal ideation among U.S. medical students". Ann Intern Med 2008; 149(5): 334-341. schools in the United States show that 11.2% reported suicidal ideation in the past year. Burnout and low...
B-Sides, Part 6: Can a Shrink’s Bumbling Idiocy be Therapy for Suicidal Ideation? by Dr. Rob Dobrenski Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven to immediately pair the terms “giving up” and “hopeless,” with the word “suicide.” In fact, the concept of hopelessness is most strongly correlated with suicide attempts. In other words, while there is no way...
You Almost Forget These Nights by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven It wasn’t so much the suicidal ideation.  No, I needed to use every ounce of what little strength I had to stay away from the knives in the kitchen drawer, last night.  Oh, when did I last feel...
Does Childhood Suicidal Thinking Predict Later Suicide? by Dr. Romeo V. Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven that childhood suicidal thinking was highly predictive of suicide ideation in adulthood and lifetime history... stable over time with worrying consequences in adulthood. Children with parent-reported suicide ideation...
Women and Suicide Around the World by Dr. Romeo V. Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Around the world, girls and women have higher rates of suicidal ideation and behavior but lower rates of suicide than boys and men. A review in the April 2008 issue of the American Journal...
SSRIs and Suicide by Ulysee W. Patient Expert Since the FDA warned in 2003 that SSRIs might lead to suicide ideation and possibly even suicides... prescribing), the number of suicides among adolescents jumped 14% in one year. There’s no conclusive proof...

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Causes The reasons why someone may feel suicidal are often very complex and may be linked to mental heal ... » Read on
Treatment ... re symptoms can include irrational behavior, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts, tranquillizers may be prescribed as a possibl ... » Read on