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LoneStart Wellness ( is the leading behavioral workplace wellness... More
mcintron California
I 'm the Senior Pastor of New Horizon Church and the President and founder of Horizon Counseling... More
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New Life's core belief is that healthy babies are born to healthy surrogates. To help ensure... More
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I am not a physician and can only suggest that you get medical opinions from those medical providers who know, and know about, this person.       I am not a physician and I can only suggest that you get medical opinions f
Diabetes Risk: Sugar-Sweetened vs Artificially Sweetened Beverages by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Nutrition in which the authors concluded that both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages were associated with increase risk of diabetes, compared to 100% fruit juice consumption. To arrive...
Prolonged PR Interval on EKG Warns of Atrial Fibrillation Risk, Pacemaker, or Death by Mellanie H. Patient Expert sign for three heart rhythm issues—the risk of atrial fibrillation, the need for a pacemaker... be a warning about the patient’s atrial fibrillation risk, need for a pacemaker, or even death. Learn...
What GM's Ignition Switch Travails Can Teach About Concentration of Risk: Implications for Large Integrated Delivery Systems by JaanS Medical Doctor the result of concentrated risk.  While standardization across automobile manufacturing is a no-brainer..., just like ignition switches, are also not perfect and can lead to (for example)  broken pacemaker wires or premature...
What is a Pacemaker? by ShapeUp .. a pacemaker can play in maintaining a healthy heart and lifestyle. MELANIE GURA, MSN, RN: An artificial... GURA, MSN, RN: Implanting a pacemaker has very little risks associated...
DEFRA U.K. What is the risk of Chronic Wasting Disease CWD being introduced into Great Britain? A Qualitative Risk Assessment Oc by Terry S. Patient Expert Sr. Subject: What is the risk of chronic wasting disease A Qualitative Risk Assessment October 2012 What is the risk of chronic wasting disease being introduced into Great Britain...
Is Popping a Pill a Benefit or a Risk? by Davalos & McCormack. Healthy Living Professional .  So I rationalized the risks and voted for the benefits. It wasn’t till I went to pick up my new pills that the risks really won!  The bill for a 3 month supply of Lipitor was $646.00 dollars!  Right...
Black men at higher risk of false positives in prostate testing by Andrea Patient Expert This is a quick little article from WKOW that may affect someone you love----a University of Wisconson study shows that black men have a higher incidence of false positive PSA blood test levels (an indicator of prostate canc
Please risk that false positive by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy —and there is a risk of false positive labeling. In my tour through some of the blogosphere (ahem; sorry...

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Treatment ... Another possibility is to implant an artificial pacemaker to replace the job of the atrioventricular ... » Read on
How it is performed ... a pacemaker, an artificial limb or joint, an artificial hea ... » Read on