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It may have been, Roxanna, but I'm guessing it was a sebaceous cyst: Best wishes Ian
Excessive Armpit Sweating: Safely Treating the Problem by Lucy J. Patient Expert Excessive armpit sweating is a medical condition... options that might stop sweating for your armpits. If you are affected by excessive armpit sweating...
Excessive Armpit Sweating: Safely Treating the Problem by Lucy J. Patient Expert Excessive armpit sweating is a medical condition known as auxiliary hyperhidrosis. It affects... are able to sweat, although armpit sweating is especially unpleasant and uncomfortable. Treatments...
Dr. Youn Presents Botox of the Armpits for Excessive Sweating with Prancer of VH1 by Dr. Tony Y. Medical Doctor Here is a video of a recent television segment I did exhibiting Botox injections to the armpits to relieve excessive sweating. My patient is VH1 reality star Prancer...
Sweating is Good; Sweating Together is Better by Melissa H. Patient Expert that sweats together, stays together? I am not sure if it’s true, but I will say this: exercise = endorphins...
Natural Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Sweating is a normal biological function especially during hot weather or exercise. But if you find yourself sweating during cold nights or in an air-conditioned room, you could be suffering from excessive sweating...
How To Stop Underarm Sweating Naturally by Lucy J. Patient Expert Are currently suffering from embarrassing, excessive underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis... from excessive armpit perspiration. ...
How to Remove Those Yucky Yellow Armpit Stains by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert , they just get gross in the armpit region. And yellow. And did I mention gross? I’ve heard my girlfriends complain... just because of some yellow armpit stains. Well, turns out, a company has a solution to this unsightly little problem...
Curing Excessive Sweating by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert with a handshake. Hiding embarrassing sweat spots under the armpits limits the sufferers’ arm movements and pose... Intro Is Curing Excessive Sweating possible? First and foremost, a little introduction...
Excessive Sweating And It’s Causes by Lucy J. Patient Expert This type of condition has the sufferer sweating in specific areas of the body such as the head, the feet and armpits... Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis has many causes...

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Treatment ... ing trainers too often. After washing, use an underarm deodorant containing an anti-perspirant, which will red ... » Read on
Introduction ... sed by bacteria feeding on sweat on the skin, especially in the armpit and groin area. It is often called BO. ... » Read on