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I'm thrilled this I, in practice, partially side with this marvelous design. There was an... More
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Stomach/gastro-intestinal tract pains (and symptoms such as diarrhea) can be anxiety related. The brain is directly linked to these via both the vagus nerve and the enteric nervous system...
Abdominal cramping and Chest Pain caused by Panic and Anxiety Attacks by David M. Patient Expert – 100% NATURAL CURE FOR PANIC ATTACKS Duration : 0:0:45 Technorati
before running will cause stomach cramps. But exercising while hungry can be harmful, indeed. Definitely need... stomach i ended up eating more when  i was finished. Working out on a empty stomach with low blood sugar...
have you checked to see if perhaps you have a UTI or some sort of infection?
Obviously, shopping is not good for you. It is connected with anxiety, to which all your symptoms could be traced back to. The seat of it is in your stomach, so avoid shopping and/or see a doctor, check your bank
Does running on an empty stomach burn more fat? by Rocco C. Patient Expert stomach to burn more fat. Does that work? I'm not planning to starve myself before workouts... that the body will burn more fat on an empty stomach and who wants to workout on an empty stomach you just feel...
Should you Exercise on an Empty Stomach to Burn More Fat? by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven suggesting that exercising on an empty stomach increases fat burning. This came to surprise... energy and stamina as well as stimulate fat burning. One key point that’s overlooked...
Stupid Sensitive Stomach... by Kati H. Patient Expert if you had been punched in the stomach…coupled with a troublesome burning sensation. I was instructed to eat at regular.... Unfortunately, I was rudely interrupted by what I thought was the flu or a stomach bug. Well, let me share...
if I had heartburn.  He said that the acid from my stomach was causing the sore throat and ear pain.  I started... and having an endoscopy.  I have had the same symptoms for years. It turned out that a valve in my stomach was not...
SEPARATION ANXIETY, PT. 2 by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven is ingested, an animal's body heat causes the dough to rise in his stomach. As it expands, the pet... your pets to overindulge, as they could wind up with a case of stomach upset, diarrhea or even worse...

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Causes ... orks in a similar way to a gate. It opens to let food into your stomach, and it closes to prevent any acid leaking back up into ... » Read on
Symptoms ... vomiting and/or diarrhea, abdominal pain, drowsin ... » Read on