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On my blog TheStutteringBrain, I am looking into stuttering and critically review the latest... More
Richard California
Was wrongly DX'd with Stage 1 Grade 2-3 TCC with Carcinoma In Situ present by a local Uro by a... More
davidelliot Whitianga, NZ
My Story   I was taken to hospital mid December 2007 aged 45 due to having a grand mal... More
lisapenn California
Expert writer about relationships and marriage, from personal experience...Passionate about... More
Liana Voia Ottawa, CA
Liana Voia is a vlogger in the area of arts with focus on the local artists, poets, multimedia... More

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Pentagon Withheld Anthrax Vaccine Injury Information by Ginger T. Patient Expert An Incomplete Picture Despite promises that hospitalizations after anthrax vaccinations... Congress about more than 20,000 hospitalizations involving troops who'd taken the anthrax vaccine, despite...
Yoga Statistics, an Indian Travel (B)Log, and Finding Bliss by Diane C. Patient Expert A few days ago, Yoga Journal released another Yoga in America market study. This study comes four years after the last one. You can see all of the statistics here, but the general gist...
This may be a useful resource for you. Good luck with your research!
For a healthy couple with no known fertility issues- who have perfect timing - still only have between a 20%-25% chance for conception per cycle
I'd start by using google and click the "show options" button.  From there you can then narrow it down to demographics, time frames, and type of information you want, etc.   Lynn
FDA Approves New Anthrax Drug From Glaxo -Raxibacumab by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven for a drug like this.  There were over 300 volunteers who took the drug that did not have Anthrax exposure.... This is because anthrax is a rare, lethal disease and it is not possible to conduct drug trials on human test subjects. ...
HHS Declares Emergency, Limits Anthrax Vaccine Legal Liability by Ginger T. Patient Expert a "public health emergency" citing the high risk of an anthrax attack on the United States. This "emergency" is set to expire in 2015. The action that needed to be taken due to this "emergency"? That anthrax...
Improved Bacterial Host for Production of Anthrax Toxin Proteins and Vaccines: Bacillus anthracis BH450 by Description of Invention: Anthrax toxin has previously been made from various avirulent... that laboratories growing the strain will not become contaminated with the very stable anthrax spores. Inability...
The 2008 Naval Environmental Health Center Study by Dr. Margaret Ryan et al. on anthrax vaccination during pregnancy: a critique by Meryl Nass Comments on: Ryan, MAK, et al. Birth Defects among Infants Born to Women Who Received Anthrax... and 2004, anthrax vaccine (one dose or more) was given to 3,465 military women during their first trimester...
Anthrax vaccine recipients in Israel developing Crohn's Disease/ Haarretz by Meryl Nass problems. Well guess what?  US recipients of anthrax vaccine also have statistically significant raised... in the army's experiments on an anthrax vaccine as a disabled veteran after he developed Crohn's disease...

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