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Ring, Ring, Ring by Melissa Patient Expert Oh yes, the infamous banana phone… Here’s a story for you guys. J decided that it would be hilarious to attack me in bed with the banana phone and singing the song. I’m still surprised that I didn’t end up with mashed bana
ring ring ring by Joan H. Patient Expert Every time the phone rang today I was filled with dread. I knew that the odds of the call being from the endo's office were close to zero, and yet still I am dreading that call. Today's calls ran the usual gam
Ring out the old, in the new–the important part is in the ringing! by Barbara M. Patient ExpertHealth Maven It’s always a toss-up at the end of the year: look back on the year that’s passed, or set that aside and concentrate on the year ahead. Or both. I think that’s the kind of year it’s been for me. Personally, the year has b
Purity Rings vs. Vibrating Rings: The Teen Attitude War by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert Purity Rings: Lets just quote good old Wikipedia on this one: “Purity rings, or chastity rings/promise rings originated in the United States in the 1990s among Christian affiliated sexual abstinence groups...
Ring a ring a roses, pocket full ... by david hamilton Patient Expert Ring a ring a roses, pocket full of posies, atishoo,atishoo, we all fall down...My orange tea six blooms in one moment.The seventh is on a seperate stem from the same rose.. 
leonard cohen: ring the bell that still can ring [vid] by Lindsey Lewis Patient Expert Ring the bell that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in - Leonard Cohen
Ring the bells that can still ring... by Clare Patient Expert . When I can do more, I will do more. A friend of mine who has stage 4 breast cancer posted this quote “ Ring the bells that still can ring... like none of the bells can still ring...but that's not true. Just accept. I admit to being jealous...
The ring tone to end all ring tones by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional A new mobile phone has been released, the Amplicom M6000, with an unbelievable ring tone of 110 decibels – as loud as a pnuematic drill. This is one sure way to get noticed! Yet another cause...
Contraceptive Ring – Benefits & Side Effects of the NuvaRing by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert that stands out is the vaginal hormonal ring, also known as the NuvaRing ®. To say the least – it does not... as well as the mucus in the cervix as well. What a user should remember is that this ring...
*Ring Ring* by Angie All The Way Patient Expert Me: "Hello" Voice: "Hello, may I speak with Angela please." Me: "Yes, this is she speaking." (Yes I do answer the phone this way when I have no idea who it is :-P) Voice:  "Angela this is Terry your Weight Watc

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How it works ... losed end of the condom into the vagina, holding the soft inner ring between your finger and thumb, using t ... » Read on
Treatment ... A chilled teething ring may distract the child while helping to soothe their sore g ... » Read on