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Im a graduate of Liberal Arts, workingmom, copywriter in an advertising company. Being a mom at... More
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I've been into health and fitness for 15 yrs. Ever since I found myself overweight in my 30's. By... More
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Serge is a life coach who guides professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners to enjoy... More
HDV is a service organization with a dual role: serving both the needs of volunteers and... More
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Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2003, I struggled with the disease for 6 years. I had the... More

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Consumer Information on: cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System - H100002 by FDA vessel, compared to an open surgical procedure with the use of clips to occlude the aneurysm... Name: cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System Manufacturer: Neurovasx, Inc Address: 7351 Kirkwood Lane North...
Medical Device Safety Tip: Aesculap AVM Micro Clip by FDA that have always been supplied non-sterile must be sterilized prior to use, while Aesculap Yasargil Aneurysm clips... patient harm. What is the problem? FDA received a report about three AVM Micro Clips...
$$ Saving Tip #3 - Clip, clip, clip! by Christine .. Patient Expert Be sure to clip those coupons that you receive in the mail and your Sunday paper. Remember I said I shopped at Safeway yesterday? I had a coupon savings of $48.82! Clipping coupons paid...
Consumer Information on: MitraClip Clip Delivery System - P100009 by FDA The MitraClip Clip Delivery System (MitraClip CDS) consists of implant catheters and the MitraClip device. The device is a permanent implant that attaches to the mitral valve leaflets.
Clip clip – - - by Jean MacLeod Patient Expert So once Wayne’s hair was 4″ long on top and very scruffy at the neck, I bought a home barer kit! Scary, isn’t it? Anyway, the first week I just trimmed his neckline and left it at that. Got a bit bolder and cut all
Summary Information for: MitraClip Clip Delivery System by FDA Labeling, Approval Order, and Summary of Safety and Effectiveness for MitraClip Clip Delivery System (P100009).
The Brain Aneurysm Foundation ( has a fact sheet stating the following: Understanding : Warning Signs/ Symptoms Unruptured brain aneurysms are typically completely asymptomatic...
familiar w/liver aneurysms.  So make sure it's really necessary.  Again, this is where his family physician...
I'm not a physician, and that is a long list of medical issues.  I'm sorry to hear this about your mother and I think only someone how has seen her could try to answer your questions as they are so dependent on so many perso
Aneurysm - The Silent Killer by Diana Y. Healthy Living Professional An aneurysm is a bulging out of part of the wall of a blood vessel. Aneurysms occur in several different forms. Saccular aneurysms protrude from the wall of the artery, like a berry. They may occur...

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Treatment Treatment of aneurysms depends on where they are located and how big they are ... » Read on
Treatment ... oid hemorrhage occurs, some of the blood vessels near the burst aneurysm can then go into spasm. This can lead to a further loss ... » Read on