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Every Child By Two, Amy Pisani and Cancelled NVICP Vaccine Program Hearings by Kim S. Patient Expert Dr. Paul Offit, of CHOP, Merck RotaTeq Co-Inventor, and Amy Pisani of Industry..., ECBT Director Amy Pisani, stated: “I write to you on behalf of Every Child by Two to express...
Amy, Amy, Amy. What to do, what to do? by Stacy .. Patient Expert So back in April my sister, Amy, called me and told me she was really sick and couldn't.... I made arrangements with Paul to get Olivia to school on Thursday, just in case Amy didn't get out of bed...
Sweet little Amy VS. Freaky little Amy by Amy .. Patient Expert . It was something deeper. He said he was shocked because “sweet little Amy” was writing about sex… so openly…My first... you)…My second thought was, “ Why does me writing about sex change the “sweet little Amy” image...
Sports T&A w/o Amy: Where's Amy? Sick. by netventures Patient Expert As some of our fans and readers may have noticed, our weekly Friday sportswriter, Amy.... Lest there was any confusion, Amy does not subside solely of of writing one article per week...
Sports T&A w/ Amy: Amy Writes a Puff Piece. by netventures Patient Expert [Editor's note: On several occasions in the original piece, Amy asked me questions to put into the piece. I think she did this in an effort for me to do more of her work, but since we are not paying...
Sports T&A W/ Amy: Amy Takes a Road Trip…Involves a BJ. by netventures Patient Expert Well hello there.  How are you?  I am fabulous.  Want to know why?  I’m not in an effing car.  Yesterday I spent fifteen hours in the car.  Driving from San Antonio, TX to Scottsdale AZ.  I have always felt, despite the Ala
Sports T&A w/ Amy: Amy Answers Her Random Ass Emails by netventures Patient Expert March is a fabulous month for events.  You have Mardi Gras, The Carnival down in Brazil, St. Patrick’s Day and for you music lovers out there you’ve got South by Southwest.   Let’s give credit where credit is due.  Any musi
This is what Denise Richards says... by Tamar F. Denise Richards (movie star, ex of Charlie Sheen and Richie Sambora) says that she doesn't discuss weight loss in front of her daughters. She doesn't want them to get body issues. She does say...
It certainly could be.  Most MD's and health practitioners recommend slowly decreasing the dosage of HRT, including bioidentical hormones, rather than going "cold turkey".  Indeed, fatigue is a common symptom of Menopause. 
Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis Anima... by Dr. Kim .. Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis Animal acupressurists share some good news about this natural... and Amy Snow will appear on the BlogTalkRadio show “Animal Talk Naturally” (

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