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The New Highs: Are Bath Salts Addictive? by Dirk H. Patient Expert and MDPV are cathinones, sold as bath salts or plant food, and chemically similar to amphetamine... What we know and don’t know about synthetic speed. Part II. Call bath salts a new...
Not Your Mother’s Bath Salts: Synthetic Drug Linked to Suicide and Extreme Paranoia by crossroads Patient Expert of the use of bath salts. We’re not taking about the bath salts you use after a long day at work in the bathtub. These are definitely not your mother’s bath salts. You may have heard about this new synthetic drug in the news...
“Bath Salts” and Ecstasy Implicated in Kidney Injuries by Dirk H. Patient Expert is another amphetamine spinoff, like mephedrone and other bath salts. Many people take this club drug regularly.... Recreational druggies, forewarned is forearmed. Bath salts first. In the Wyoming case, while the drug...
Bath Salts Mixed With Spice: Two Drugs In One by Dirk H. Patient Expert of a methamphetamine-related cathinone (bath salts) and an entirely new synthetic cannabinoid. In a paper... designer amphetamine, and 100% new under the sun. This combination drug is so new it doesn’t have a short...
Bath Salts, Graphically by Dirk H. Patient Expert What you need to know about mephedrone. The Pat Moore Foundation has put together this nifty chart as a primer on mephedrone, the amphetamine-type stimulant marketed as "bath salts." Thanks PMF
Popular “Bath Salt” Hooks Lab Rats by Dirk H. Patient Expert salts and plant food—mephedrone—has both dopamine and serotonin effects. It broke big in the UK a few... intake more similar to the classical amphetamine-type stimulants such as methamphetamine.” It’s...
The Difference Between Table Salt, Kosher Salt, and Sea Salt by Tram L. Healthy Living Professional pictured above, from left to right: table (iodized) salt, kosher salt, and fine sea salt What’s the difference between table salt, kosher salt, and sea salt? I get asked this question a lot...
Salt, Salt, Salt! 16 Companies Voluntarily Reduce Sodium by Fiona G. Healthy Living Professional I'm not sure why, but I can't stop staring at pictures of KFC's newest Frankenfood creation, the Double Down . There's something about this glob of fat and sodium that I find mesmerizing. Maybe it's a warning from
Too Much Salt? I Thought The Body Is Mainly Made of Salt Water? by Dr B Doctor of Chiropracty You are correct. Here’s the deal – salt’s chemical name is NaCl – that’s sodium chloride. It’s about 40% sodium and 60% chloride. It’s that 40% that sort of gives salt the bad rap. The high...
Sugar & Salt: Salt Intake Can Affect Sugar Intake, Study Says by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Note from Connie: A fascinating study comes from the U.K. that draws a connection between salt intake and sugar intake. Jennifer Moore brings you details. If young kids and adolescents cut their salt...

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Treatment ... petite. Traditional weight-loss drugs contain amphetamine, which is a stimulant that increases the activity of ... » Read on
Treatment ... rinks such as alcohol and drinks with a lot of sodium chloride (salt) or potassium in them. Your diet should be controlled caref ... » Read on