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Amniotic Fluid Index

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Understanding Low Amniotic Fluid In Late Pregnancy by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional My last two doula clients were both induced due to a diagnosis of Oligohydramnios - low amniotic fluid. I have heard many of my students report that they were induced for the same reason, or...
Flooded by Amniotic Fluid – Shelly’s 2nd birth by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert I can’t remember which, a gush of amniotic fluid came out and flooded the bed, Lindsey and my leg... there, or maybe it is the amniotic sac.” So Chris and I helped get Shelly into her bedroom...
Low Level of Amniotic Fluid - No Risk to Normal Birth by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional Last weekend I was walking home from the gym when I ran into one of my students. She told me that she was in early labor - 4 cm - and was sent to go walk around to try to get things moving. She also told me that her doctor
since you are dealing with twins I would suggest going to your OB for a check if you feel as though you are leaking fluid
Paucis Verbis: Composition of intravenous fluids by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor There has been a lot of discussion on the ideal intravenous fluid (IVF) for resuscitation..." using IVFs. This PV card helps remind me what's in each liter bag of fluids we order. At the bottom half...
Senior dies after nurse refuses to give CPR by Jennifer J. Patient Expert position, at the end of life, but she had no cushion of amniotic fluid, only a thin emergency...
Never say never by AtYourCervix Patient Expert recently, and it quite possibly was due to an amniotic fluid embolus. The mortality/morbidity information from the above link... intact from an amniotic fluid embolus. The woman on our unit survived. Her baby also survived...
A water leak, now what? by Viv Patient Expert Hello Everyone, I had a great day of sleep on Saturday and was able to wake up on Sunday without too much trouble. I am off the Concerta ER because it is too expensive and I have met my donut hole. The new cheaper medicat
water leak by Cathy .. Patient Expert Saturday night we discovered a pipe in our basement leaking. We called the plumbing contractor who had done 2 remodels for us, the bathroom and the kitchen, and made an appointment for Sunday morning He came out and of cou
Special Exposure Wednesday by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert It just gets better and better. First I thought it was just a little water leak. Now I'm told that walls and ceilings have to come down. And today? Today the room had to be sealed because there may be lead paint....

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Introduction ... ormally breaks when the baby is ready to be born, releasing the amniotic fluid (the liquid that surrounds and 'cushions', the ba ... » Read on
Complications ... While in the womb, a baby floats in a sac filled with fluid (amniotic fluid). They pass urine into this fluid which maintains ... » Read on