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Substituted Triazine and Purine Compounds for the Treatment of Chagas Disease and African Trypanosomiasis by of infections in both humans and animals. Trypanosomiasis poses health risks to millions of people... trypanosomiasis, also known as sleeping sickness. One type is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma brucei gambiense...
Gene Tied to Kidney Disease, Sleeping Sickness in African Americans by , but at the same time raise the risk for kidney disease in African Americans. The finding may eventually lead to better... disease in African Americans. Image by the Gull Lab, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. All rights...
An American woman, American men and an Italian walk into a bar... by Amy .. Patient Expert I was out to dinner this week with a table full of American men and one man from Italy- No, this is not the beginning line of a joke. We got on the subject of women- in particular American women vs...
American Medical Association and American Hospital Association Said Both Should Work with Insurers and set aside Adversarial His by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven having to step in.  Top officials for the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association... the AMA’s highest priority to get health insurance coverage for every American. “The fact that we have not...
One Third of Americans -- Some 73 Million Americans -- Either Have Diabetes Or They're on the Way There by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional When will Americans wake up and change their sugary, sedentary ways? In case you're wondering I'm so morose, just check out this latest news: A whopping one-third of Americans -- or 73 million...
More Obese Americans than Overweight Americans by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor , the number of obese Americans now outweighs the total number of overweight people, 34% of Americans are obese, compared to 32.7% of people who are overweight. In 2005-2006, researchers say one-third of Americans...
American Industry Wisdom Taking On Schools and American Classrooms by Education & Tech Patient Expert I’ll bet most (all?) of the big-time school reform outfits today are headed by people who have not read more than one or two of the 100 books I recommended at the end of "In Schools We Trust." They have no idea that their lat
Roundup—the American Weed-Killer—Is Likely Killing American People, Too by Chelsea Green Patient Expert Monsanto, Monsanto, Monsanto. Is it simply a scary coincidence that nearly every time bad news hits, they’re involved? (Hint: No.) This time, new research has intensified the debate that Roundup, the popular weed killer crea
Alzheimer's In American -- Where American Stands Video by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert The video, Where America Stands on Alzheimer's, discusses facts about Alzheimer's disease, the search for a cure, and the baby boomer generation..... The video also points out that eating a Mediterranean style diet cou
Are You At Risk For Diabetes? Find Out! Get Involved With the American Diabetes Assocation Now: November Is "American Diabe by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional of the public, to learn more about the disease and risks associated with it. Indeed, November is American Diabetes Month, and every time this year, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) encourages you to educate...

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