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Anemia in Kidney Failure and Dialysis Patients by julius Patient Expert . Anemia in kidney failure and dialysis patients has two treatment options (It has two, in our clinic... of treatment. Last year I was shifted to Renogen (Epoetin Alfa). Both drugs treat kidney failure-related anemia...
Treatments for Kidney Failure by Better Health Here is a list of treatments and procedures that are commonly used to treat Kidney Failure: Dialysis Hemodialysis Kidney Transplant Treatment of chronic kidney failure Treatment
This is very difficult to tell. It depends a lot on her current age, the stage of kidney and liver failure. People with kidney failure can live for decades with the different treatment modalities available
Interesting question.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is considered to be an imbalance in the "kidney" meridian.  Acupuncture can help this.
Identifying Kidney Failure by KidneyHealth .. , but they can live reasonable lives. Transplantation would be the treatment of choice for kidney failure... hospitalization. The more subtle forms of chronic kidney failure are very indolent. If the patient told...
Hypertension and Kidney Failure by julius Patient Expert years ago, when I was first diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. It was both shocking and unbelievable... Glomerulonephritis , hypertension became one of the contributing factors that lead to kidney failure. But I was young...
Heart Failure Treatment "Spectacularly" More Efficient in Women by Robyn Nazar, RN BSN that are available for donation are, in most cases, left over from IVF treatment or egg donor cycles. These embryos... to be frozen and used in cases of cycle failure, miscarriage, or future pregnancies. Embryo Adoption...
kidney failure by heru m. Patient Expert : male previous treatment: I have try togive my pug Enzymes& Probiotics for his throwing... throwing up for weeks can you help me. ANSWER Dear, According to age and symptoms I suspect on kidney...
Natural Means To Digestive Health Through Alternative Treatments by Lucy J. Patient Expert and Natural Health treatments visit the web site at Digestive Health Via Alternative Treatments or Digestive... with digestive disordersdiarrhea or other gastric problems. Here is a synopsis of a few of the alternative health...
The Failure of The Autism Treatment Network's Dietary Intervention Program by Kim S. Patient Expert By Katie Wright It is so disheartening that the Autism Treatment Network’s dietary... results. 2003 CAM (Hyman labels this complementary, alternative medicine)  GF/CF study -- result...

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Treatment ... erting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are commonly used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure . They block the activity of a h ... » Read on
Treatment ... D supplements. Treating kidney failure If the kidneys are damaged and no long ... » Read on