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Finn R. California
As a dental surgeon mostly toward alternative medecine, my guide has been always Prof.... More
deblynn Ringwood, New Jersey
Sclerodermablog X, New Jersey
I was diagnosed with Scleroderma in the summer of 2006. I started treatment in January 2007 at the... More
OrangeCountyDetox California
Ken Nersten is the founder of Orange County Detox Center, which employs a medically supervised... More

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Tumeric/ research online scientific studies about it According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this is a problem with circulation which can be remedied with acupuncture and herbs.  Of course, this is within the framework of T
Breast Enlargement Herbal Alternative Estrogen Replacement Therapy by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Breast Enlargement Herbal Alternative Estrogen Replacement Therapy Popular breast enlargement... enlargement.  Wild Yam has been promoted as an herbal alternative to estrogen replacement therapy...
Alternative Treatments for Incontinence Pt 3 by Allanda .. Patient Expert This is the third and final part of our series about Alternative Treatments for Incontinence... recommendations. This is it for our series of articles on Alternative Treatments for Incontinence, hope...
New FDA-approved alternative treatment for treatment-resistant depression by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - Millions of patients with treatment-resistant clinical depression, who have struggled for years with disability and how to cope with their condition, now have an alternative treatment option...
Alternative Autism Treatment Researchers Claim Hodgepodge Of Autism Treatments Works by Harold L D. Patient Expert Dr. James Neubrander, a physician, and Dr. Philip De Fina, a clinical neuropsychologist, of Woodbridge, N.J gave a lecture today on Staten Island in which they claimed that a hodgepodge of treatments...
Use Alternative Allergy Treatment In Conjunction With Conventional Treatment Methods by Lucy J. Patient Expert tablets every time an ailment develops and so are now looking for alternative allergy treatments... are finding alternative allergy treatments to be worth trying out and so, it is not just the non-conformist...
Medical Treatments for BPH by MensHealth .. your prostate from enlarging, it is part of the aging process for most men, there are medical treatments... enlargement is made, basically your treatment will depend upon the level of symptoms. For men...
.  You would probably benefit from talking to an acupuncturist about treatment, especially before you consider surgery...
how old or new this quesiton is.... Blessings! Kathleen No alternative treatments for brain tumors...
Check out my YouTube channel, bipolarORwakingUP and you will learn how it is people can heal from bipolar disorder.  I tell my story of healing there as well! Sean Blackwell

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Treatment ... f surgery with your health care professional, plus any possible alternative treatments. If you plan to have children, this will ... » Read on
Treatment ... sex life. There is also a high risk of getting an infection. Alternative medicines and non-surgical procedures such as laser ... » Read on