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Hannah Ubl Brisbane, AU
I was born in Victoria, Australia, though have lived in Queensland for most of my life.. in the... More
The Web site of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.... More
Hi, I'm Steffi. It's nice to meet you! I blog on about health,... More
Tee Major California
My name is Tee Major. ACE-GFI, Military Fitness Instructor, "Kaizenist",... More
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Visions of Minimalism & Green Pizza by Dana Solof Patient Expert .  The Natural Step encourages creating a vision of an ideal future and “backcasting” to determine which steps... in the same way.  Though I am no where near the extreme of living with only 100 possessions , I have my own vision...
Altered Vision by Nadja Y. Patient Expert My vision has changed since MS first attacked. It has changed several times on several levels... him this and he became the first person to suggest that I might have MS. The first time I saw the neurologist my vision...
CFP: More or Less: Varieties of Human Cortical Color Vision by Gualtiero P. Patient Expert A very interesting interdisciplinary conference plus workshop organized by Kathleen Akins and Brit Brogaard in Vancouver on August 4-7, 2011 .
Exposure to neurotoxic solvents may influence blue-yellow color vision in aircraft maintenance workers by Annet Lenderink Patient Expert Australian researchers studied the possible persisting effects to color vision of exposure... of all participants had blue-yellow color deficient vision (CDV) in at least one eye. Deficiencies of this nature...
Look Them in the Eyes -- Is Color Change a Clue to Mercury in Autism? by Kim S. Patient Expert may give rise to altered retinal function and result in impaired vision. Both melanocytes and pigment epithelium... of this disease/disorder back then. That may have been a clue. As the years have gone by, Megan's eye color...
A Vision of The Divine According to Carl JUNG by DrKathy Healthy Living Professional A Vision of The Divine “I had been asleep and am not sure if I woke or was still half asleep... that she would have to leave her other two children. After the vision she became calm and recovered more quickly than expected...
Jim Griffin and Justin Sutton Broadcast Comprehensive Vision of Interstate Traveler and Project Green America by Corbett K. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook NOTE: audio for this post is available at the end Last time, I shared with you the fabulous radio interview which my friend Jim Griffin gave on March 23. In it, he covered a great deal of material surrounding the Intersta
Notal Vision: The ForeseeHome AMD Monitor and It’s Potential to Save Vision – A First Report by Irv Arons Healthy Living Professional how quickly the disease was progressing in their patients eyes. I did some research into the company, Notal Vision... the story” about how the company started, how the device works, and its potential to save or preserve vision...
Scientists Find a Cure For Colour Blindness by Nick B. Patient Expert . The technique is expected to be suitable to restore normal vision as well as help with other visual disorders that are related to the cones in the retina. “Although colour blindness is only moderately life-altering...
Visions of Sugar Plums by GFCF Mommy Patient Expert I just discovered Nature's Colors Decorative Sugars, from the India Tree Company. They are GFCF, dye and preservative-free. The colors are derived from natural ingredients, like beets to make red...

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Introduction ... o function normally. Colour vision deficiency is often known as color blindness. However, true color blindness is when you can s ... » Read on
Symptoms There are no obvious or physical symptoms of color vision deficiency. Many people have the condition without ... » Read on