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rosieveg Maple Ridge, CA
I am 98% Vegan I eat cheese once in a blue moon,(no Rennet ) " I DON'T MEAT MY FORK... More
jillgreen Harriman, New York
I'm Jill Green. I live a great life despite having panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and... More
Jumpshift99 California
I live in Tennessee. I was diagnosed in 1987 with Chronic Anxiety Disorder when i had a nervous... More
I'm a mental health blogger from the UK in my late twenties and a sufferer of bipolar disorder,... More
panickedchick Vancouver, CA
I'm 25 years old. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder with... More

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I have agoraphobia, i can leave the house but i cant go very far. What helped your agoraphobia? by David M. Patient Expert Im looking for tips from someone who has seen a remission of symptoms in agoraphobia, and how they did it because im sick of being agoraphobic. Help please I’m in that boat with you. So far I’m learning...
Why your agoraphobia has not gon... by Eric W. Patient Expert Why your agoraphobia has not gone away. This blog post has it exactly right: The way to overcome agoraphobia is to intentionally put yourself in situations that trigger your anxiety. A taste: People...
Agoraphobia music video by David M. Patient Expert Posted:  agoraphobia incubus - agoraphobia made for school project Duration : 0:3:53 (more…) Technorati Tags: agoraphobia, alternative, cartoon, crow, flash, Incubus, left, murder, of, rock, The
The Journey Out Of Agoraphobia by David M. Patient Expert Treatment for Agoraphobia Duration : 0:4:8 Technorati Tags: agoraphobia, agoraphobia cure, agoraphobia treatment
Agoraphobia Cure by David M. Patient Expert Agoraphobia treatment and cure is possible, and it can be done quickly and effectively. Panic disorders, agoraphobia and other anxiety related conditions do not have to control...
First Agoraphobia. Now Paranoia? by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven ’ liking it! During Hospitalization #6 (this is Hospitalization #8) I developed agoraphobia for the first...
An animated look at agoraphobia ... by Eric W. Patient Expert An animated look at agoraphobia "Fish on a Hook" is a 3-minute animated film depicting the experience of agoraphobia, which is part of panic for one-third of sufferers of the disorder...
Short films about agoraphobia. by Eric W. Patient Expert There are more and more videos about panic and agoraphobia on YouTube all the time... to discover what others are going through and how they're coping with it. "Agoraphobia Diary" contains some beautiful images...
How do I get help for Agoraphobia if I can't leave the house? by David M. Patient Expert Posted:  agoraphobia I' ve suffered from Agoraphobia since I was a child.../ Hope this helps! powered by Yahoo Answers ...
Does anyone know if hypnotherapy can be used to treat agoraphobia? by David M. Patient Expert Posted:  agoraphobia I was diagnosed with agoraphobia over a year ago. I have tried Cognative... Or you can record...

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Complications ... er psychological conditions. Agoraphobia and other phobias Ag ... » Read on
Symptoms The symptoms of agoraphobia can be broadly classified into three types: ... » Read on