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I'm not a physician but I am into fitness - lower resting heart rates are seen as "good" Congratulations and great that you are running... 
Normal Resting Heart Rate – Yes, Vienna waits for you by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert extra hard, and wear out faster than usual! And why? Because the normal resting heart rate.... So what is the normal resting heart rate? An Introduction to Resting Heart Rate For starters, the term heart rate...
Bradycardia aka Low Heart Rate by Corry C. Patient Expert A heart usually beats between 60 and 100 times a minute; this is normal for an adult at rest. Young adults and athletes can even have a heart beat lower then 60 beats per minute when at rest
10-second heart rate by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven One of the traditional ways of measuring heart rate while you're running when you don't have a heart-rate monitor is to stop and measure your pulse for 10 seconds and then multiply that value by 6...
Resting Heart Rate Predicts Heart Attack Risk by Heartstrong Registered NurseFacebook The Framingham Heart Study reported that men with a resting heart rate above 92 beats per minute... with a resting heart rate above 76 beats per minute were 26% more likely to have a heart attack or die from heart...
Normal Resting Heart Rate by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert from here on. Understanding your Resting Heart Rate Perhaps the biggest determiner of these aspects is one's resting heart... your heart is in pumping blood. The resting heart rate, very simply, is actually the number of heart beats...
Normal Resting Heart Rate – What You Need to Know by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert that the new revised limits are anywhere between 60 to 90, where a resting heart rate that is above 80... resting heart rate ' means, and which is why we will cover it in the next section. Normal Resting Heart...
Wakeup pulse rate down a bit by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven I had a solid 8 hours of sleep last night, and my wakeup heart rate this morning was 61. I'm taking another rest day today. Hopefully, my pulse rate tomorrow will be 61 or lower, and I hope to run 2 miles
Gonna try a simple pulse rate monitor by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven . Since I ran yesterday, today is a rest day. I bought a Tanita pulse rate monitor. It's a simple device that does only pulse rate; I put my finger over the sensor. I'm hoping this will save me a bit of time. I've...
High Resting Heart Rate: Common Causes by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor If your resting heart rate is greater than 70, check with your doctor to see if your thyroid... heart rate. Having a resting heart rate greater than 70 increases your chances of suffering a heart...

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