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such that it sounds like both eyes are involved.  If the haze you are describing is on the surface of both eyes... into the eye, it could be coming from cataracts on the lenses. Either way, get those eyes examined...
that you are supposed to go to.. LOL Yes, blurred vision in one or both eyes is a common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. I think what you are reading is about Optic Neuritis. Optic Neuritis is mostly common to be in one eye...
You should be reluctant to use any preparation for the eyes unless you have been directed... could cause even worse problems with the eye than the apparent infection you are describing...
Since you have indicated that this only involves just one of his eyes, this irritation..., or his eye has been bumped or abraided by something.  Any of those can cause a reddening of the white...
get this in your dog's eyes. That could create more problems than the scratch itself. If the scratch is in the delicate...
Is this the same cat from the question submitted 3 days ago?  What glands are you referring to? Helpful Buckeye
I'm sorry about your grandson's visual problems. To the best of my knowledge, a baby's eyes... from phototherapy has not been reported, eye covers for newborns are standard prophylaxis." ...
, and whether you keep the dog inside or outside. Some of the short-faced dogs tend to have a lot more eye discharge, even when nothing is wrong.  Other breeds with long hairs around the eyes will have more watery/mucus discharge...
Can you be more explicit in how the eye looks? Did he bump into something? Bitten by a bug? It's hard to tell how to answer when I can't see the eye. You may want to take your dog to your vet
You're close enough to the greater Los Angeles area that you should be able to find several medical tattoo artists.  Just now, looking on Google, I was able to find a few. Helpful Buckeye

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Self help ... start to heal within a few days. Have regular eye tests If you have type 1 diabetes, you sho ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Blepharospasm (affecting the eye muscles) - this can cause excessive, uncontrollable blinking ... » Read on