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I will be married to my better half for 22 years this July 4th. HE truly was my best decision.... More
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I am a former drama, dance and fitness professional. I currently own Purely Fit a health, beauty,... More
romeovolte77 California
This suggests that by increasing the levels of serotonin, a brain chemical that controls appetite,... More
Kiva R. Gila Wilderness, New Mexico
I'm an herbalist/herbwife in the Anima Medicine Woman Tradition, which is to say that my practice... More California
The Web site of the National Cancer Institute (   The National... More

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Probiotics Side Effects: No 'Compassionate Use Act' here… by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert has with federal law, resulting in these 'side-effects' no matter how inconsequential this might seem to the folks... than otherwise. And of course, your doctor knows if it is suitable for you or not… Even though most cases of side effects...
More Information About BCG Side Effects - February 21, 2009 by Steve K. Patient Expert for information on BCG symptoms, side-effects, and dosages.While I am done with BCG until September, I am still experiencing minor side effects from the last series, which "ended" ten days ago. Here is a summary of things...
Information Overload in Drug Side Effect Labeling by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy The lists of potential side effects that accompany prescription drugs have ballooned in size... for their patients, according to a new study of drug labels. Long lists of drug side effects...
How can we reduce the side effects of Information Therapy ? by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor , which have been used for many years . They are effective for common problems; have few side effects; and do not need a doctor's..., they may also have undesirable side-effects. Experts need to make a decision regarding the risk-benefit ratio of these drugs...
What about P.P.I. Side Effects? by Dr. Kurt Barrett Doctor of Osteopathy A "new" study was recently released and made the CBS NEWS and others. What I've seen so far is not new information. Some is actually "junk science"...i.e., clostridium difficle is an acid resistant spore and hence the p
Side effects of Information Therapy by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor I am a big believer in Information Therapy. I feel that the more patients know about their medical problems, the better for them - and the better for their doctor as well ! I recently had an interesting conversation with a
Technically there shouldn't be, but you should call your veterinarian if your puppy isn't acting normal in any way.  This would include acting listless, or sore, or  not interested in eating...
to experience horrendous side-effects you probably will. There are many studies showing that simply telling... Most discontinuing SSRI class antidepressants after long use have minimal withdrawal effects...
Reconstructing scientific experiments for didactic purposes may have unintended side-effects by Thomas S. Patient Expert in public) he is somewhat reminiscent of an illusionist, who enters the scene of the magic act. Behind... black colours. The magic act begins with some carefully executed preparations, like pouring a liquid...
New drug offers better pain relief with fewer side effects by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook have other limitations such as gastro-intestinal side effects that may trigger patients to discontinue treatment”, says.... We have always had particular difficulties with the side effects of strong analgesics. The most common side effects...

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