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Charmaine Cape Town, ZA
My Name is Charmaine I live in Cape Town South Africa, I three beautiful daughters Simone 13;... More

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Genetics Home Reference: microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II by Reviewed January 2011 What is MOPDII? Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II (MOPDII) is a condition characterized by short stature (dwarfism) with other skeletal abnormalities...
Help A Family Dealing With Prader-Willi Syndrome by Len S. Patient Expert Help All Children Lead A Healthy Lifestyle As many of you know, I have made it my life’s mission to help children and families deal with obesity – - no matter what form it comes in. Childhood obesity takes a team eff
Very Moving….Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) by Len S. Patient Expert Please show support for children with Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) This video really explains and helps you understand what PWS truly is….. Prader Willi Syndrome is a congenital condition that significantly reduces musc
Pamela Anderson’s Breasts are basically “All Implant” by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Implants of the size we see here dwarf the tissue Ms Anderson has available for coverage. Especially when she wears tight clothing, the folds of the implants become visible. The folds become more noticeable with a li
Coco’s a cartoon? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Source Implants of the size we see here dwarf the tissue [she] has available for coverage. When you go really large on breast implants, they are going to look fake. As long as that is what you want, I guess th
I'm Having a Baby... by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Girl!! Even better, all of the genetic tests have come back 100% clean so it seems that the Turner's Syndrome that killed our oldest daughter, Faith, will not be an issue this time around. There were tears when the ultr
Picking Traits of Our ChildrenPoses Some Thorny Questions by Brett .. Patient Expert Would you willingly choose to have a dwarf or deaf child instead of a “normal” one? Apparently, some parents are doing just that, writes Dr. Darshak Sanghavi in a New York Times essay. Notice I put quotes around the word “
Dwarf and Miniature Vegetables for Containers by Steve .. Patient Expert Miniature, midget, and dwarf vegetables are good selections for container growing. True dwarf varieties at full maturity have edible parts that are smaller in size than ordinary vegetable varieties and cultivars. Miniatures
Last night the runt puppy died. ... by Carissa H. Patient Expert Last night the runt puppy died. And my husband was truly upset, I have only seen him cry a handful of times and this was one of them. He is VERY attached to his animals no matter how old or how sick. These puppies were his
Fgfr3 Knockout Mouse Model for Developmental Biology Studies by in the human FGFR3 gene cause achondroplasia, a common form of human dwarfism characterized by minimal... provides a plausible explanation for the role of FGFR3 missense mutations in human achondroplastic dwarfs...

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Causes The main cause of proportionate short stature (PSS) is thought to be the body not producing enoug ... » Read on
Symptoms There are many different types of restricted growth conditions, including: ... » Read on