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If your Dr has recommended PT, then you should pursue that.  Also if your pain in continuing you may need to get an mri (lumbar and cervical) which will show if there is anything going on the disc level...
shoulder pain that can go down your arm. Muscle or nerve pain usually happens when you move your arm. And bone pain is usually in the joint where your arm meets your body. If you have risk factors for heart...
I Don’t Have Neck Pain, But My Arm And Hand Go To Sleep All The Time! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook . A poorly aligned neck can often result in shoulder, arm, or hand pain or numbness and tingling. In fact... You can often get symptoms from a neck problem that present themselves in the hands and arms...
Dear FLLK, Thanks for your Post. I have a few posts on my blog Neck Pain Support that you can refer to: 1. Neck Pain resulting from a C5, C6, C7, or C8 Radiculopathy 2. The Causes of Severe Neck...
Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain and Shoulder Pain Common in Cyclists by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook . With so many Americans bicycling injuries sustained have also risen especially neck and upper back pain. Because of the position that a cyclist takes while biking, this can increase a cyclists symptoms of neck pain. [Wilber...
In the appropriate age group, we might think of heart disease at the mention of left arm pain...) and nausea.   But heart disease isn't usually associated with hand pain such that the knuckles hurt...
P.Ravi Kumar, Are you also getting numbness and tingling into the fingers and hands? What about muscle weakness in the biceps and other related muscles?  It could be a cervical radiculopathy.
Neck Pain That Radiates Into The Arms? You May Have A Cervical Disc Herniation by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty and into the arms...sometimes all the way into the hands. Sometimes the pain travels down one arm...sometimes both...all cases are different. The neck, arm, and hand pain will often times come and go...leading you to believe...
risk of having it - overweight and unfit? Do you have chest pain or tightness, or have you noticed any of the following: Confusion Blurred or poor vision in one or both eyes Numb or weak feeling in the face, arm or...
My understanding of acne is that people have increased experience when their immune systems orbit into and out of periods of high resistance and low resistance to infectious attacks.  If you have an unusually severe and wide

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Treatment ... hot flashes, aching joints, headaches, and ... » Read on
Symptoms ... You may first realize you have swelling in an arm, for example, because your rings or watch feel tighter than ... » Read on