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Polly Gamwich has been struggling to conceive her first child while dealing with recurrent... More

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After abortion is criminalized;will abortion end? #prolife #prochoice #humanrights by Patty .. Patient Expert regarding abortion and what does a vote to end abortion mean? See her blog response below How do you end abortion without criminalizing it? Posted on October 3, 2011 That’s the million dollar question, isn’t...
The Pro-Roe, Anti-Abortion, Pro-Contraception Majority: Abortion is Bad by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Saletan and Kate Pollitt captures the conflicting feelings and complex nature of the abortion debate in the US today. It confirms what many polls show: that while most people are anti-abortion, they also feel...
and how u feel I assume that u should wait at least 3months after ur abortion your question begs the following...   if you just got an abortion then why would you be trying to have a child again?   Humm...
An abortion is a medical procedure and carries with it all the risks and complications of one. If you are wanting an abortion you should speak to your healthcare provider
I am not personally aware of any difference in risk when it comes to multiples.  And yes, depending on gestational age a baby can survive an abortion.
According to the State Law of Tennesee, women are able to get an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. For details about the laws specific to this state, I suggest the following website:
You couldn't and shouldn't think you can do an abortion without a physican.    Even if you are just talking increasing a birth control dosage... one doesn't know how that will affect the mother's health...
who have had children after abortion) but is a risk. They should have told what the risks/side-effects...
This is totally a conversation that you need to have with your OB. If you are early into your second trimester and your health is at risk then it may be recommended. This is not something to be taken lightly however and I s
brown usually indicates old blood... so its probably still healing and dealing with the side effects of surgery

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Risks ... No clinical procedure is entirely free from risk, butabortionposes few risks to a woman's physical health, particular ... » Read on
Introduction ... fter the birth, or choosing to terminate the pregnancy (have an abortion). Prenatal screening is a way of asse ... » Read on