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No I have not. Thanks. Have you had a fertility work up done?  That would tell you if you have a condition like PCOS or Endo which both cause irregular cycles
.  It also depends upon when you expect your period.  If it was due on Saturday, then you might be pregnant.  But it could also be that your period changed this month due to stress.  It's common for young females to have their periods vary...
Anything that isn't normal for you is always a good reason to consult with your physican.
you start a fresh cycle when you start to bleed.  It doesn't matter if you were late in starting and you don't count from when you expected your bleed to start but from the first day of full red flow.   By this point the t
I cannot speculate on that because you haven't provided the information that would help.   All I can say at this point is if you are concerned then a home pregnancy would probably be the most accurate answer.
Lights, Camera, Truth by Andrea Fabry Patient Expert is hazardous. Period. And God is bigger than all of it. Exclamation point. ...
could also do this.  An ultrasound would go a long ways towards explaining your 2 week period.   More important is how you feel...
I assume you mean this most recent menstrual cycle stopped (not that you're in menopause).  Unless there's a foul odor or pelvic pain, most likely this is due to a minor shift in your hormone balance or vaginal pH, and will r
in between.  My period that came on the 26th of June was early.  I was due to get it around the first of the month. The average length of my cycles is usually 28 days however my period coming June 26th was early...

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Symptoms ... syndrome are: irregular or light periods, or no periods at all, proble ... » Read on
Treatment ... p in your breast, or you have undiagnosed, abnormal vaginal bleeding. ... » Read on